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Discover the real impact of flexEngage's transactional communications for retailers by checking out some customer engagement strategies. By leveraging our e-receipt portal, businesses can track receipts, use targeted marketing, and develop an omnichannel response to drive loyalty and increase retention. As one of the best transactional email service providers, we help track customer behavior and engagement beyond the point of sale to ultimately boost bottom lines.

Customer engagement strategies

5.11 Tactical Surpasses Email Acquisition & Omnichannel Goals

flexEngage’s digital receipt solution not only met all of 5.11 Tactical’s stated goals, but also provided the capability to go far beyond, capturing 75% of customer emails at the point of sale and creating a post-sale customer journey so engaging that it has driven an ROI of over 400%.

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Luxury Jewelry Retailer Enhances Data Capture

The typical retail tactic of offering incentives in return for email signups was perceived as cheapening the brand of this luxury retailer. In response, digital receipts provided a unique opportunity for jewelry customers to gather valid email addresses without the negative stigma. Working with the client over several months, flexEngage helped improve in-store adoption of the digital receipts program, thereby gathering significant numbers of customer email addresses of the retailer.

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Destination XL Drives Post-Sale Engagement

While DXL knew the potential value a smart digital receipts solution could provide, no-one in the organization expected to achieve a 320% ROI from post-purchase engagement, nor the receive upwards of 15,000 unique survey responses from their digital receipt. In addition to the monetary return, DXL received valuable insight into customer experience, firmly lodging flexEngage into DXL’s comprehensive omnichannel strategy.

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ALDO Shoes Names flexEngage “Most Successful Digital Initiative”

ALDO Shoes leveraged the capabilities and White Glove service provided by flexEngage to meet their in-store ereceipt adoption goals. They leveraged flexEngage to drive six-figure sales directly from their ereceipts.

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Under Armour

With their digital receipts taking minutes, if not hours to land in their customers' inboxes post-purchase, Under Armour knew it was time to upgrade this experience. Turning to flexEngage, they were able to deliver dynamic receipts to their customers' inboxes in less than 60 seconds.

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GNC set a goal to improve their overall retention and customer lifetime value (CLV). With multiple levels of loyalty, GNC needed a way to personalize their post-sale messages for each of these groups. flexEngage helped GNC hit these goals to drive a 10x lift in paid loyalty sign-ups and a 7% increase in upsells.

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" flexEngage offered us the opportunity to seamlessly reach [our] goals."

Kris Viner Marketing Manager at Bob's Stores


"Out of the myriad of platforms I work in everyday, flexEngage is by far the most intuitive. It’s even better since we started sending our triggered emails through the platform."

David Hudspeth eCommerce Customer Service Manager

Best transactional email service

"flexEngage has been the most successful IT initiative for the retail business this year and a key foundational block in our omnichannel strategic plan."

Rob Lauzon Director, It Omnichannel Solutions at 5.11 Tactical


"flexEngage positions Shoe Carnival to be more customer-centered, and gives them post-sale options that align with the way they want to shop..."

David Groff Vice President, Administration and Business Development at Shoe Carnival

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