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flexEngage delivers custom-made transactional messages including digital receipts that reduce churn for brand-driven retailers.

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POS Marketing

FlexEngage Effect

Loyalty Begins the Moment After Purchase


  • Sending Boring Messages
  • Under-Utilizing Retail Channel Marketing
  • Wasting Time Managing Transactional Messages


  • Triggering the Next Purchase
  • Generating Site Traffic
  • Getting Everything Turnkey

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Ditch cookie-cutter marketing. Trigger the next purchase.

Static and basic transactional messages are easily ignored. With flexEngage, our personalized transactional communications and messages deepen and extend customer loyalty after each purchase.

  • Turn retail receipts into repeats
  • Create loyalty through convenience
  • Engage beyond the purchase
Digital receipts

No more messages that miss. Make POS & OMS a marketing machine.

POS & OMS systems were never built for the marketer, since messages are slow and batched. flexEngage was built to be POS, OMS and receipt marketing friendly.

  • Market to 100% of customers
  • Get more customer information
  • Real-time delivery
Retail channel marketing

Stop wasting time. Get everything turnkey.

The last thing you need is to spend your time managing your transactional communications. With flexEngage, we do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Get persuasive messages
  • Get seamless integration
  • Get innovative ideas
Retail receipt

"Out of the myriad of platforms I work in everyday, flexEngage is by far the most intuitive. It’s even better since we started sending our triggered emails through the platform."

David Hudspeth eCommerce Customer Service Manager at Shoe Carnival

Personalized transactional communications

"flexEngage has been the most successful IT initiative for the retail business this year and a key foundational block in our omnichannel strategic plan."

Rob Lauzon Director, IT Omnichannel Solutions at 5.11 Tactical


"flexEngage positions Shoe Carnival to be more customer-centered, and gives them post-sale options that align with the way they want to shop..."

David Groff Vice President, Administration and Business Development at Shoe Carnival


" flexEngage offered us the opportunity to seamlessly reach [our] goals."

Kris Viner Marketing Manager at Bob's Stores

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