What Makes Our Personalized Printed Receipt Offers Different?

We’re all about helping retailers develop a personalization strategy that’s optimized for building customer loyalty and nurturing future conversions. flexEngage will build a consumer experience strategy, letting merchants explore personalization in retail through customizable printed receipts based on the shopper’s purchasing behavior. With flexEngage, the right offers get presented at the right time with POS receipts that result in higher engagement and bounce back.

Leverage the Power of Personalized Printed Offers

  • Relevant Offers & Advertisements
  • Bounce Back Sales
  • Store Traffic
  • Loyalty Acquisition
  • Shopper Insights

Relevant Offers

Timely coupons and promotions based on shopper interests and purchase behaviors

Dynamic Coding

Barcodes, QR codes and Promo codes for easy redemption in-store or online

Hover over each section of the sample dynamic receipt and printed offer below to learn more.


"Having personalized offers on our printed receipts as well as our digital receipts helps us place offers in front of all of our customers, providing parity no matter how the customer wants to receive their receipt."

Jennifer Biefel Previous Director of Customer Marketing & Loyalty at GNC

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