ALDO Shoes Names flexEngage “Most Successful Digital Initiative”

ALDO Shoes leveraged the capabilities and White Glove service provided by flexEngage to meet their in-store ereceipt adoption goals. They leveraged flexEngage to drive six-figure sales directly from their ereceipts.

Post purchase customer experience

The Impact Of Our Customer Loyalty Solutions


50% of Customers Elect to Receive a Digital Receipt


Bounce Rates Dropped to 3.5%


15% Average Click-Through Rate and Six-Figure Sales Revenue

Increased Volume & Accuracy of Email Addresses Captured at Point of Purchase

To capitalize on an integrated customer experience, Aldo Shoes set a goal to capture more in-store customer email addresses at checkout, as well as validate the deliverability of those addresses. Working with an older POS platform posed some issues for Aldo Shoes, whose in-store email captures rates had stalled at under 10%. Read more about how flexEngage’s transactional email service helped Aldo to send digital receipts, when their POS had said it would be impossible. Read more about how flexEngage’s transactional email service helped Aldo to send digital receipts, when their POS had said it would be impossible.

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From Aldo Shoes

"flexEngage’s technology has vastly improved visibility to our consumers’ in-store transactions by increasing capture rate. It has also provided us with a high-engagement vehicle to continue communication beyond the transaction and when the customer is the most receptive."

Sandra Martineau Director of CRM & Loyalty at Aldo's

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