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With their digital receipts taking minutes, if not hours to land in their customers' inboxes post-purchase, Under Armour knew it was time to upgrade this experience. Turning to flexEngage, they were able to deliver dynamic receipts to their customers' inboxes in less than 60 seconds.

The Impact Of Our Customer Loyalty Solutions

Delivered in Less than 60 Seconds

Engaging Customers at Under Armour: Delivered in the Shopper’s Pocket in Less than 60 Seconds

Based on their need for a customer-first strategy, Under Armour selected flexEngage to send brand-right smart receipts to their customers‘ inboxes. Brent Ott, Under Armour‘s Senior Manager of Global Store Experience, noticed an immediate win from the moment flexEngage launched Under Armour‘s new eReceipts. “flexEngage answered our challenges pretty much instantly. The result was a digital marketing tool that reaches customers' phones within 60 seconds of making a purchase. It was a big win.”

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From Under Armour

"Cross-channel sales is another big win. There are a lot of benefits we’ve seen even in the short time we’ve rolled out."

Brent Ott Former Sr. Manager of Global Store Experience at Under Armour