Shoe Carnival Leverages Digital Receipts to Maximize Loyalty Metrics

The Shoe Carnival store operations team was looking for ways to create a more seamless shopping experience for their customers. One opportunity the team identified was auto-sending the digital receipt at checkout for their loyalty members. Concerns arose around the practicality of sending digital receipts for audiences who could not easily access the digital version of their receipt. Besides this, it required a change at the register to enable auto-sending the digital receipt.

The Impact Of Our Customer Loyalty Solutions


Increase in Digital Receipt Adoption


Conversion Rate Increase


Incremental Sales Increase


Click-Through Rate

Creating A Smoother Checkout Experience for Associates and Customers

Shoe Carnival elected to send both versions of the receipt at the register to keep their omnichannel strategy in mind while mitigating concerns about the digital receipt's ease of access. The lift for this change at the POS proved to be of no issue with the current partner in digital receipts, flexEngage. Upon launch, Shoe Carnival saw a 37% jump in digital receipt adoption rate, the conversion rate rose by 56%, and incremental sales saw a 70% increase. This allowed Shoe Carnival to successfully transition many of their best customers from in-store to online, while adding anther engagement opportunity for them.

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