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When it came to optimizing the GNC marketing program, the team at GNC looked to increase their customer lifetime value (CLV) and retention. With multiple levels of loyalty, GNC needed a way to personalize their customer loyalty solutions, including post-sale messages, for each of these groups. flexEngage helped GNC hit these goals to drive a 10x lift in paid loyalty sign-ups and a 7% increase in upsells.

GNC Marketing

The Impact Of Our Customer Loyalty Solutions


10X Lift in sign-ups for paid loyalty program.


Over 10% of purchasers engage with auto-delivery.


7% of sales from upsell products.

How We Did It: Boosting Loyalty at GNC

Jennifer Biefel, GNC’s Former Director of Customer Marketing & Loyalty, said that GNC customers typically view e-receipts multiple times. This helps to drive repeat trips to stores as well as online sales via links with images on the receipts. Understanding how critical digital receipts are, GNC chose flexEngage to drive these goals. The results and experience echoed the confirmation that they had made the right selection. “We continue to change and update the way that we’re doing things, and that’s largely a result of flexEngage reaching out to help us maximize the value of our program.” Read more to see how GNC used flexEngage to fill out their omnichannel loyalty marketing strategy.

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"Receipts also promote GNC’s auto-delivery program. More than 10% of customers click through to explore auto-delivery options for the items on their receipts, said Biefel. It’s in this area that the receipts inspire the most engagement."

Jennifer Biefel Former GNC’s Director of Customer Marketing & Loyalty

Increase Customer Lifetime Value