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Why the Curbside and BOPIS Solution is Here to Stay

When the pandemic hit, many retailers wasted no time in adopting the “buy online, pickup in store” (BOPIS) solution to safely meet both the needs of their customers and the new health restrictions. At the time, it was a move necessitated out of desperation to remain alive and profitable during… Continue Reading

Tips to Thrive in a Homebody Economy

Consumer behaviors are settling into a new normal, as people everywhere learn to live with the reality of COVID-19 and as more countries reopen parts of their economies. Despite the variance in the virus’s impact across the globe, many retailers are finding themselves learning to adapt to what… Continue Reading

Infographic: Retail Expectation vs. Customer Reality

It is no secret that the retail industry is under tremendous pressure to innovate. However, sometimes less is more. When surveyed, there seems to be an unintentional disconnect between retailer and consumer, opening the door to more nimble players to step in and take the… Continue Reading

Infographic: The Case for Curbside

Thanks to the rise of contactless shopping, curbside is growing in popularity. As retailers explore this new click & collect channel, the deployment of curbside by many retailers has been met with numerous challenges. View the infographic to learn more about best practices and more.   View… Continue Reading

Customer Centric Approach

In a Crisis, Keep a Customer-Centric Approach

A customer-centric approach is obviously important during the best of times, but when things get tough, this methodology only gets more critical. There are a lot of lessons that companies can take away from the current climate, and at the top of the list is the need to be more… Continue Reading

5 Cons of Current Curbside Solutions

As retail continues to mold itself to the new “normal” established by Covid-19, many retailers are finding themselves piecing together makeshift solutions to meet their customer’s needs. While this tactic may work in the short-term, customers have had their logistics expectations exceeded by powerhouses like Amazon, often leaving… Continue Reading

Grocery’s Must Have: Contactless Communications

Consumers are demanding to have as few contact points as possible when grocery shopping, looking to shop with retailers offering contactless experiences.  While many have quickly explored self checkout or contactless payments,  many retailers are still relying on handing the customer a germ-laden paper receipt to… Continue Reading

increasing foot traffic

Increasing Foot Traffic – 7 Things Store Ops Can Do

Stores have always been accountable for most of the revenue for brick and mortar based retailers, making up to 90% of revenue for their brand. The recent events have caused stores to shut their doors for the interim and are reopening again. This time they are opening with… Continue Reading

Retail customer experience solutions

How to Streamline Communications in 2020

At FlexEngage, we launched a new service that will help elevate the concept of minimal contact communication. We are offering you retail customer experience solutions that will ensure you’ll never lose your customer base due to curbside pick-up communication challenges. Continue Reading

Why eReceipts Will Help All the Stores Closing

Retail has seen a high amount of temporary and permanent store closures in the past few months. Yet the following months are expected to outdo the permanent store closures seen in the past few months by a long shot. As of June, multiple retailers have announced they are… Continue Reading

Retail Insights for Connecting with Generation Z

Is it really all about Millennials? Innovative retailers are looking beyond to the next generation of consumers, Generation Z.  Gen Z is the demographic of people born from 1995-2010. Like Millennials, Z’ers spend much of their time online and expect brands to connect with them digitally. According to Forbes,… Continue Reading

How to Connect the Dots for An Effective Retail Clienteling Program

“The best segments are segments of one.” This brilliant quote from Luxury Institute CEO Milton Pedraza illustrates the power and potential of clienteling. Clienteling is a new word for a time-honored retail tradition: the process of building relationships with customers to anticipate and fulfill their needs. It’s the modern-day… Continue Reading