Retail & Post-Purchase Marketing Resources

Providing a great omnichannel customer experience doesn’t happen by accident, it takes time, knowledge and research. Browse our collection of blogs, videos, and more all designed to help you implement the best omnichannel retail trends into your business. Learn how to design conversion-driven contactless receipts or how to build a post-purchase marketing funnel to retain more customers. Find the essential insights you need to succeed in today’s retail economy.

Why Retailers are Switching to Electronic Receipts

Electronic receipts are quickly overtaking paper receipts as the go-to receipt method of choice. And that’s good news for both retailers and consumers, both of whom benefit from this major transition. COVID-19 has forced e-commerce to accelerate in one year at growth levels that would… Continue Reading

Adapting to 2021: Top Trends and What to Do About Them

2020 was nothing short of an eventful year, causing major changes that accelerated the adoption of many new processes. This acceleration has catapulted us into a new normal of how we work, live, and shop. As consumers’ demand for innovation has increased, grocers must keep pace with these… Continue Reading

2021 Grocery Trends

As many businesses shut their doors when national stay-at-home orders kicked in this year, grocers were pivoting to keep consumers safe while battling national shortages of essential products as panic set in. In a year of fighting to just make it through, consumers have adapted to a new… Continue Reading

The Next Gen Store: 5 Things We Expect to See

Covid negatively impacted wholesale retail, leading many brands to begin to explore the world of DTC, or direct to consumer sales. This shift to DTC has changed the landscape of expectations customers have when shopping with your brand to more of an Amazon experience. They want fast, convenient, and safe… Continue Reading

Retail Lessons for Grocery

While other retail industries have been consumed with the development and implementation of the latest and greatest technologies, grocery has lagged behind. Until recently, grocery has been a slow mover, not feeling the heightened pressure of consumer preference for technology.  In the wake of mandated contactless… Continue Reading

Creating the Festive Experience Online

Although retail saw record-breaking internet traffic many were forced to close their doors due to an all-time decline in brick and mortar sales. As we approach the end of the year, a successful holiday shopping season is the difference between success and failure for many retailers. Because of… Continue Reading