Infographic: The Cookies Are Crumbling

Retailers, with the heaviest focus on marketers, have been gathering data with grand visions of how to deploy and leverage it. Between collecting multiple data types and streams to fulfill their dream of personalization, retailers were left with data swamps leading to analysis paralysis of their teams due… Continue Reading

2021 Cyber Week Spend

2021 HOLIDAY INSIGHTS Retailers have adapted to constantly pivoting their way of doing business to keep up with the array of socioeconomic, data privacy concerns, and more hitting them at a constant pace. How did these adaptions pay off for retailers, and did consumer spending change? We explore… Continue Reading

Post-purchase content marketing

Post-Purchase Content Marketing

Level Up Your Post-Purchase Content Marketing Strategies This Holiday Season Post-purchase content marketing refers to an organization’s efforts to connect and interact with their customers after they have made a purchase. Like it’s name implies, this type of marketing seeks to reinforce brand loyalty and build the foundation… Continue Reading

Hallothankmas: When Holidays Collide

Although the expediting of the holiday season has been noticed year after year, with Christmas decor hitting the shelves right on the cusp of Halloween, 2021 has taken this to a whole new level. The turducken of all holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, are now bundled together in… Continue Reading

How to Collect First Party Data

How to Collect First Party Data

As first-party data continues to dominate the landscape of online consumerism, a question many companies and retailers find themselves wondering is how to collect first party data, and what ways are most effective at retrieving this valuable information? As a relatively new concept for… Continue Reading

SNIPES Launches Digital Receipts Initiative with flexEngage

Press Release: SNIPES Launches Digital Receipts Initiative with flexEngage to Drive Customer Loyalty & Engagement flexEngage, the leading innovator of post-purchase marketing for retailers has announced that global sneaker and streetwear retailer SNIPES has chosen them to provide dynamic digital receipts for in-store shoppers across all its U.S. retail stores. Looking… Continue Reading

In-App Reporting

New Feature: In-App Reporting

New Feature: In-App Reporting Available Generating Insights through Reporting Lauren Kreisberg For marketers, analysts, operations teams, and others, looking at data, assessing opportunities, and implementing optimizations has always been second nature as part of driving the businesses forward. However, before now, getting access to that data for… Continue Reading

Justin Eatherton welcome banner

Company Spotlight: Justin Eatherton

Company Spotlight: Justin Eatherton Spending the past five years building integrations for a wide-range of third-party vendors and partners, Justin joins the flexEngage team to help us rapidly scale our integrations to better serve our clients.  Spending the past five years building integrations for a wide-range… Continue Reading

Hy-Vee Selects flexEngage for Receipt Marketing

HyVee Selects flexEngage for Receipt Marketing Press Release: Regional Grocer Hy-Vee, Inc. Adopts Receipt Marketing Technology Powered by flexEngage flexEngage, a global leader in dynamic receipt and transactional communications, today announces that they have been chosen by super-regional grocery chain Hy-Vee, Inc. to power its receipt marketing technology across all… Continue Reading