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Post-Purchase Surveys: Getting Feedback After the Sale

We are continuing our series on receipt best practices today by taking a deep dive into surveys. Not often thought of as an integral part of the digital receipt, post-purchase surveys offer a unique opportunity to gather real-time feedback from customers the moment after purchase when they are… Continue Reading

Company Spotlight: Meet Our Summer Interns!

Company Spotlight: Meet Our Summer Interns! We are excited to welcome three interns joining us for this summer on the engineering team! Jason, Arjun, and Jack each bring diverse knowledge and skillsets to the table and will be aiding our team with some exciting developments. Learn more about these three… Continue Reading

paper receipts #beatthereceipt

#Beatthereceipt Paperless Pledge to Minimize Paper Waste

In alignment with retail’s shift to digital-first, UK retailers have taken this movement to the next level by committing to the #BeattheReceipt Paperless Pledge. By taking this pledge, retailers are committing to reducing the copious amounts of paper waste that retail operations produce, aiming to have paper receipts… Continue Reading

Welcoming Webhooks to the flexEngage Platform

Welcoming Webhooks to the flexEngage Platform Today, the flexEngage team is excited to announce the availability of webhooks, allowing our clients to easily consume data from flexEngage in downstream applications. The webhooks join our open API platform to provide more ways for clients to leverage the data within flexEngage… Continue Reading

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Grocer’s Options for their Instacart Strategy

A once highly sought-after service, the longevity of Instacart has recently become a topic of discussion. Adapting to a new pattern of grocery shopping, services like Instacart took off like wildfire, allowing customers to shop for their favorite goods from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Continue Reading

The Evolution of Retailing: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

The continuous evolution of the retailing landscape forces retailers to operate in a highly dynamic and competitive customer-driven market. They’re required to constantly adapt to the changing expectations of consumers in order to keep them coming back.  From Industrial Age department stores… Continue Reading

Callie Ahen retail technology sales

Company Spotlight: Callie Ahern

Company Spotlight: Callie Ahern Joining us as a senior account executive, Callie brings her cross-departmental knowledge to flexEngage to help buyers through their purchasing journey. Learn more about Callie and how to connect with her below.  Joining us as a senior account executive, Callie brings her… Continue Reading

flexEngage and CitrusAd partner for CPG marketing

Press Release: flexEngage & CitrusAd Partnership for CPG Marketing

Press Release: flexEngage Partners With CitrusAd to Offer Dynamic Digital Receipts and E-commerce Messages With Relevant CPG Marketing Offers flexEngage, a global leader in dynamic receipt and transactional communications, today announces a partnership with world-leading retail media technology company, CitrusAd. With the CitrusAd partnership, grocers can now deliver flexEngage-powered… Continue Reading

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Best Practices for Your Receipt: SMS

When a customer completes their purchase with your brand, the standard practice has been the immediate handing over of a printed receipt or emailed order confirmation to the customer. However, in a digital-first world, this hand-off has been taken over by the receiving of a text message containing… Continue Reading

crumpled paper receipts are not eco-friendly receipts

Go Green this Arbor Day with Digital Receipts

When there is an exchange of currency, it is more often than not accompanied by the receiving of a receipt. While this behavior is second nature to us, it has far more negative consequences than many realize.  In honor of Arbor Day, we will unpack some… Continue Reading

Company Spotlight: John Arevalo

Company Spotlight: John Arevalo flexEngage’s resident tech specialist, John Arevalo has recently rose through the ranks to become our tech support lead.  flexEngage’s resident tech specialist, John Arevalo has recently rose through the ranks to become our tech support lead.  Why did you decide to join flexEngage? I… Continue Reading

Stimulus Spending Recap

STIMULUS SPENDING RECAP During the past year, we’ve seen some changes in the way consumers spend. From increased AOV and making less purchases in stores, consumer shopping behavior is changing as consumers adjust to the ever-changing normal. The announcement for the second stimulus had many wondering how consumers… Continue Reading

Three Disruptors in Grocery

Grocery shopping, a necessary weekly chore for many, has received a long awaited facelift amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A historically slow moving industry, grocery has quickly become one of the quickest moving adopters of technology in an attempt to meet its increased demand. Seeing that productivity capacities were being met,… Continue Reading