Five Benefits of Converting to Digital Packing Slips

benefits of digital packing slips

Upon making an online purchase, your customer receives a digital receipt as their first post-purchase touchpoint and you’ve succeeded in keeping their attention. Next, an email notification that their order has shipped hits their inbox and further builds the anticipation. For many retailers, the post-sale communication ends here. While a packing slip is sometimes included in the order, it is often treated as an afterthought.

In fact, packing slips represent valuable opportunities to connect with your customers that can be fully leveraged to drive future sales. In digital form, the packing slip becomes a dynamic engagement channel for consumers. Still not convinced? Here are five of the many benefits of adding personalization to digital packing slips.

1. An Added Channel of Communication

Digital packing slips are the perfect continuation of the conversation from initial discovery and purchase to final delivery. By nurturing the relationship from the very first touchpoint to the last, you are better equipped to market to your audience as well as significantly increase your ROI on those conversions. Consumers want to shop with retailers that reflect their values. Digital packing slips allow retailers to continue to interact with shoppers and gain further insight into what they value.

2. Reinforces Your Brand and Products

As an extension of your digital receipt, digital packing slips offer additional real estate to connect with consumers. Whether you are highlighting an in-store experience, a special promotion or other products of interest, these branded moments can help to strengthen consumer loyalty.

3. An Added Layer of Personalization

Digital packing slips allow you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the customer. Being that digital packing slips are dynamic, they can be hyper personalized based on existing profile data and shopping habits. Enhancing the experience with your brand via personalization increases the likelihood that customers stay engaged, provide feedback and buy more products.

4. Cost-Efficient

Compared to their paper cousin, digital packing slips are cost-effective and improve your bottom line. This form of printed, post-sale message can be considered redundant as the information on the printed packing slip has already been communicated through other, digital post-sale communications (order and ship notifications) and because today, paper packing slips primarily serve to direct customers back online should they require a return. Digital packing slips not only reduce cost but support a frictionless return experience for your customers.

5. Easy to Access

One of the greatest efficiencies of the digital packing slip is its ability to be conveniently stored and accessed by your consumers. They make it easy for customers to recall your communications and review them time and again.


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