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  • Drive Increased Sales
  • Reduce Churn

An in-store marketing strategy isn’t a one-and-done sort of thing. The moment after the purchase is a key time for brands to engage customers, with customized digital receipts and printed offers both serving as powerful vehicles for driving future conversions. This includes directing in-store customers online and then redirecting them from there back to your store. Post-purchase solutions are more important than ever because when you stay in contact with customers, you help maintain their level of excitement and reaffirm they made the best decision by buying from you, so they will likely buy from you again. Omnichannel engagement after the purchase has also been shown to promote more positive reviews, and, ultimately, help increase revenue.

So how can one simple e-receipt do so much? At flexEngage, we help our clients harness two important factors that spur on additional transactions: POS data and personalization. Your customers want to engage with you, but it has to be in ways that are most meaningful to them. Our data-backed in-store marketing services make sure that you connect with your customers on the right touchpoints and at the right time, with custom offers specially generated to incite action. The result is omnichannel marketing strategies that provide higher engagement rates in-store and online, plus increased brand loyalty and a greater chance of future purchases.

Use Your POS to Market to the Customers You Already Have

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Omnichannel engagement

In-Store Marketing Benefits

You expect more out of your in-store marketing, and so do we. And to help you get there, we’ve put together the In-Store Marketing Recommendations: a collection of some of our most useful marketing services all bundled into one impactful resource.

  • Customizable templates
  • Clickable product images + descriptions
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Loyalty program information + invitations
  • In-line produce reviews
  • Dynamic offers
  • Standard + adoptive rate reporting
  • Store training + best practices
Customer marketing

151% Increase in Conversion Rate from Using Your ESP

1500% Increase in Revenue Per Impression from Using Your ESP

All of these tools work on their own and together to form a totally integrated, totally conversion-friendly post-purchase strategy that you can rely on.

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