No More "Where is My Order" Calls

Trust a more effective purchase order tracking system. flexTracker promises to:

  • Reduce Customer Calls
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Generate Revenue with Personalized Order Tracking
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Purchase order tracking system

97% of customers expect the ability to monitor their orders throughout every step of the shipping process.

- Pro Ship

No More Taking Customers to An Unbranded Webpage

You’ve earned your customers, and it’s time to delight. Now keep them coming back to you with flexTracker, a customer order tracking software that allows you to:

  • Keep Every Touchpoint Brand-Cohesive
  • Get Your Customers Excited About their Purchase
  • Build Loyalty from the Second after the Sale
Customer order tracking software

88% of all survey respondents said they track the status of their online order - that means 88% of your online buyers are landing on an unbranded page instead of landing on a branded page.

- Meta Pack

What Is flexTracker?

Gone are the days of overpriced, over-complex solutions for simple problems for order tracking.

Our dynamic order tracking solution is a cost-effective package tracking solution. It is customizable to include product recommendations, loyalty incentives, shopper surveys, promotions and much more. With a branded tracking page that is based on your customer’s needs, you can drive retention for your current customers by delivering the right content to your customers when they are the most engaged.

Leverage flexTracker’s Customer Retention Solutions to:

  • Build Loyalty: Encourage loyalty participation and activations.
  • Drive Incremental Revenue: Capture additional revenue through visual product recommendations
  • Deliver Real-Time Communication: Give customers the real-time updates they want, all from your branded page
Marketing strategies for retail

Build Loyalty

Encourage loyalty participation and activations

Provide Customer Updates

Limit WISMO Call by Providing Shipment Updates

Dynamic Personalization

Improve the shopping experience

Show Recent Shipping Details

Provide the Latest Shipping Updates

Real-Time Communication

Give customers the real-time updates they want, all from your branded page.

Clickable Product Images

Increase cross-channel traffic and repurchasing.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Capture follow-on purchases

Footer Banners

Promote social channels or other initiatives

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Deliver an Experience that Drives Repeat Sales

Customer retention solutions

Increase customer loyalty through transparency, accuracy, and urgency.

Branded tracking page

We strive to make your life as smooth and as easy as possible - get everything turnkey with flexEngage.

POS Marketing

Launch quickly. Implement in as little as two weeks for a quicker launch time.

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