About Tomas

A seasoned leader and visionary expert on what grabs - and holds - the attention of consumers, Tomas Diaz is flexEngage's founder and chief executive.

Responsible for overall strategy and the cornerstone relationships driving growth at this rapidly expanding retail technology venture, Diaz leveraged early-career success in financial analysis into a surprising pivot that laid the future foundation for what would become his company.

Moving from the numbers side of the business into a sales role at Whirlpool, he rose rapidly and was soon selling to the nation's largest retailers. The experience showed Diaz that there was a strategic opening in the market - a need retailers had for electronic receipts that were truly interactive, customizable and a core part of the customer engagement platform.

That vision led to the founding of flexEngage in 2014

Driven by big-picture ambition and possessed of a contagious energy level, Diaz firmly believes in the pursuit of BHAGs - Big, Hairy Audacious Goals. It's an approach focused on major leaps forward and quickly securing new markets, and one that also generates exceptional commitment and energy from the proven team he's built for flexEngage. On more than one occasion, Diaz has remarked that his people believe in him precisely because he believes so strongly that the company has created a solution unlike any other in the marketplace.

A passionate, enthusiastic, and energetic leader, Diaz holds people to a high standard precisely because he expects everyone - from employees to vendors and customers - to hold him to one as well. The Diaz mantra: Don't be afraid - be bold and know that anything is possible. 

Diaz's response to this always-in-the-spotlight working environment? Maintain a laser focus on goals, know the things that must be accomplished and be relentless in execution.

Diaz holds an undergraduate degree in International Business and an MBA, with a concentration Marketing & Finance, from Rollins College. He lives in Florida with his wife, Solivia, and three children.

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