2021 Cyber Week Spend

2021 HOLIDAY INSIGHTS Retailers have adapted to constantly pivoting their way of doing business to keep up with the array of socioeconomic, data privacy concerns, and more hitting them at a constant pace. How did these adaptions pay off for retailers, and did consumer spending change? We explore the results… Continue Reading

Stimulus Spending Recap

STIMULUS SPENDING RECAP During the past year, we’ve seen some changes in the way consumers spend. From increased AOV and making less purchases in stores, consumer shopping behavior is changing as consumers adjust to the ever-changing normal. The announcement for the second stimulus had many wondering how consumers… Continue Reading

2021 Valentine’s Day Sales Review

VALENTINE'S SALES RECAP Approaching a year into the pandemic, consumers are adjusting their habits and spending into the new way of living for the time being. Valentine’s Day marks one of the last holidays consumers will be experiencing for the first time under this pandemic, causing questions to come… Continue Reading

2020 Holiday Data Review

HOLIDAY DATA INSIGHTS The retail industry was pushed to new limits in 2020, forced to pivot to keep their doors open and keep business going as usual in a time when customers felt less than safe entering all establishments. This left many people questioning how different categories of retailers would… Continue Reading