Personalize the Buying Experience

Drive Direct Omnichannel Sales


Wouldn’t it be nice if your receipts, order confirmations, ship notifications and packing slips were smart enough to suggest products that your customers actually wanted and were likely to purchase? flexEngage Product Recommendations open new doors for omnichannel sales once shoppers have left your stores. With up to 80% open rates and 15% average click-through rates, transactional communications are an ideal vehicle for suggesting additional purchases.


Personalize the Buying Experience and Keep Shoppers Coming Back

+ Seamlessly Insert Dynamic Recommendations from Salesforce Predictive Intelligence, Certona, Radios 8, Fresh Relevance, Reflektion, and others.

+ A/B Test and select the approach that drives the greatest conversion.



flexEngage client, 5.11 Tactical experienced these results from their Product Recommendations:


5.11 Tactical's Product recommendations generated a 409% annual ROI from purchases made directly from digital receipts.


Personalized Product Recommendations are a proven way to drive incremental sales directly from your transactional communications.

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Add Product Recommendations to your transactional communications.

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