What Makes Our Personalized Packing Slips Different?

Many retailers offer packing slips as a way to document order details and facilitate returns. But what if you could use them to increase customer engagement, too? As an eCommerce solution provider, flexEngage personalizes paper and digital packing slips to help retailers enhance the product experience and capitalize on shopper attention with product recommendations, timely feedback requests, and promotional coupons that drive repeat business. With digital packing slips from flexEngage, shoppers can discover similar products online, initiate a return, or submit feedback with a single click. Get in touch today to learn how to custom packing slip selections that work great for your business.


  • Bounce Back Sales
  • Streamlined Returns
  • Shopper Insights

Store Finder

Drive in-store traffic

Dynamic Personalization

Improve the shopping experience

Shopper Surveys

Gain important shopper feedback

Personalized Product Recommendations

Capture follow-on purchases

Frictionless Returns

Identify reason for return and guide shoppers to the next step

Relevant Offers

Increase loyalty and repeat purchasing

Service Plans + Subscriptions

Drive recurring revenue

Product Reviews

Generate reviews at the peak of shopper excitement

Hover over each section of the sample dynamic receipt and printed offer below to learn more.

"flexEngage positions Shoe Carnival to be more customer-centered, and gives them post-sale options that align with the way they want to shop..."

David Groff Vice President, Administration and Business Development at Shoe Carnival

"flexEngage has been the most successful IT initiative for the retail business this year and a key foundational block in our omnichannel strategic plan."

Rob Lauzon Director, IT Omnichannel Solutions at 5.11 Tactical

"flexEngage offered us the opportunity to seamlessly reach [our] goals."

Kris Viner Marketing at Bob's Stores

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