Better understand the value and impact of your advertising

Determine which ads lead to in-store conversions


Wondering if your digital ad spend is leading to in-store sales? flexEngage, combined with Google and Facebook offers retailers the ability to connect the dots between their digital advertising and in-store sales. The integration enables the real-time, secure transfer of anonymized transaction information to Google or Facebook, which is then matched with in-store purchase data to draw a connection between online ads and in-store conversions.


Unlock Valuable Insights to Improve Targeting and ROI

+ Optimize the performance of your ads

+ Improve targeting and conversion with new lookalike audiences

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82% average match rate between the emails captured for digital receipts and Facebook profiles.


$259 million in in-store sales have been attributed to Facebook digital advertising over a period of nine months for one flexEngage client.


flexEnagage is an official Facebook Marketing Partner with an Offline Conversions badge.

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Enable Offline Conversion to increase the performance of your advertising.

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