1 out of 2 shoppers opt for digital receipts


2 times the open rates of other marketing


1,000 incremental conversions within the first month


Luxury Jewelry Retailer Leverages flexEngage for Enhanced Data Capture

This publicly traded retail giant operates over 3,000 stores in the U.S. under several recognized brand names. The company specializes in diamond jewelry and watches as well as jewelry accessories and services.

Luxury Jewelry Retailer Needed To:

  • Capture more, valid email addresses from in-store shoppers

  • Send customers a digital receipt to reduce paper costs and speed up transaction time

  • Promote product maintenance reminders + present timely offers

The Challenge: Securely Increase The Number + Validity of Customer Emails Captured at POS

In 2016, a luxury jewelry retailer operating thousands of stores in the U.S. launched a digital receipt program to capture more accurate contact information from in-store customers. Prior to launching flexEngage, the retailer captured just 10% of customer emails at the point of purchase, with a significant percentage of those proving to be invalid.

Security was also of utmost importance. As a luxury retailer, the company has a significant number of high net-worth customers that place a premium on data privacy and security. An RFP was issued to several digital receipt providers seeking the most robust and secure solution in the market.

The Solution: Deploy flexEngage’s Smart Digital Receipts

After a thorough review, executive leadership at this luxury retailer selected flexEngage for its impressive security architecture and unique ability to include personalization within its digital receipts to include custom links to key documents based on specific products purchased. (see sample image)

The typical retail tactic of offering incentives in return for email sign-ups was one in which many at the company perceived as cheapening the brand. In response, digital receipts provided a unique incentive for jewelry customers to provide valid email addresses without the negative stigma. Data showed that over 50% of luxury jewelry shoppers preferred email receipts to traditional paper for their purchases.

Working with flexEngage over the course of 2017, the client placed significant emphasis on improving in- store adoption of their digital receipts program. In March of 2017, the client had only a 5% adoption rate. By September of that same year, and after implementing a company-wide training initiative, all 3,000 stores averaged a 50+% adoption rate.

With 1 out of every 2 customers leaving the store with a digital receipt in their inbox, the client was able to significantly increase both the amount and accuracy of email addresses captured at the point of purchase.

Benefits: Achieve Adoption Rate Goals While Improving Deliverability, Post-Sale Engagement + Brand Loyalty

  • A Strong Email Capture Incentive that Doesn’t Devalue Brand: Luxury consumers are less driven by rewards and promotions, often feeling they devalue the brand. eReceipts provide a stronger incentive for email acquisition, without any negative stigma.

  • Improved Email Quality: A significant number of retail shoppers use a secondary or invalid email address when signing up for email marketing lists. In contrast, nearly all customers will provide their most reliable contact information when requesting a digital receipt, particularly a receipt for a big-ticket item.

  • Excellent Post-Sale Engagement: Smart email receipts improve post-purchase engagement with customers. With over 50% adoption across the system, the luxury jeweler is now leveraging calendar reminders from their digital receipts to encourage regular merchandise maintenance as well as positive product reviews. Within one month of launch, these initiatives resulted in almost 1,000 additional receipt clicks.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Utilizing flexEngage’s dynamic link insertion, the company is able to provide in-store shoppers with important purchase documentation. This gives customers the peace of mind that these documents won’t be lost, and customers can choose to download them to their computer or access them from a secure e-Receipt wallet.


  • A major luxury jewelry brand sought after the most secure and robust digital receipts platform and selected flexEngage over other solutions

  • flexEngage’s smart email receipts enabled the retailer to capture more accurate customer data at the point of purchase

  • Digital receipt open rates were more than 2X that of any other marketing channel, providing a powerful post- sale engagement platform to improve brand loyalty and drive repeat purchases


“flexEngage’s transactional communications enabled the retailer to capture more accurate customer data at the point of purchase.
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