About Jay

An accomplished innovator, Jay Patel oversees the direction of flexEngage's technology, managing both the capabilities and quality of this market-leading solution. In his role as Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Jay is instrumental in steering the strategic vision of flexEngage and ensuring that the organization remains focused on key objectives.

Described as a "Renaissance Man" by friends and family, Jay blends a computer science background with his passion for the arts. Synthesizing his expertise in each of these areas, Jay brings a unique multidimensional perspective to the team, lending his exceptional insight and ability to plan for things others may not see. Combined with his management skills and ability to take charge, Jay is known for challenging and holding his team accountable, but always leading by example. In his own words, "I strongly believe that you must absolutely practice what you preach first and foremost."

Early-career pursuits of senior management roles and novel endeavors taught Jay the value of ambition and never believing anything is out of your reach. It also honed the idea that one's work and results - not one's age - speak volumes.

Jay holds a degree in Digital Media Design (Computer Science) from the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Prior to founding flexEngage, he has held senior management roles at a young age at top tier companies such as Accenture with experiences in software engineering, managing $10-15M dollar project teams with 50+ members, and handling VP, C-Suite level customer relationships.

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