10X Lift in sign-ups for paid loyalty program


Over 10% of purchasers engage with auto-delivery


7% of sales from upsell products



Health and wellness retailer GNC has seen engagement rates for its paid loyalty program increase tenfold thanks to transactional communications powered by flexEngage.

Boosting Loyalty at GNC

Jennifer Biefel, GNC’s Director of Customer Marketing & Loyalty, said that GNC customers typically view e-receipts multiple times, helping to drive repeat trips to stores as well as online sales via links with images on the receipts.

And, said Biefel, “We wanted to continue personalization by driving customers to additional products that they may want to purchase based on some of the stuff they purchased in that recent transaction.” Such personalized recommendations have boosted sales of recommended products by 7% at GNC.

Biefel also appreciates the ability to work with a hands-on partner such as flexEngage. “We continue to change and update the way that we’re doing things, and that’s largely a result of flexEngage reaching out to help us maximize the value of our program.”


“Receipts also promote GNC’s auto-delivery program. More than 10% of customers click through to explore auto-delivery options for the items on their receipts, said Biefel. It’s in this area that the receipts inspire the most engagement.
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