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Wouldn’t it be nice if your receipts, order confirmations, ship notifications, and packing slips were smart enough to suggest products that your customers actually wanted and were more likely to purchase? flexRecs help to personalize the shopping experience and promote customer bounce back and repurchasing.


The flexRecs Difference

With typical e-commerce product recommendation engines, product suggestions are based on shoppers’ online browsing histories prior to purchase. flexRecs from flexEngage offers intelligent product recommendations that are based on actual in-store transactions, resulting in improved relevancy and higher conversion rates.

How It Works

flexRecs aggregates customer in-store transaction data, generates product recommendations, and dynamically inserts them into retailer transactional touchpoints.


Getting Started Is Simple

flexEngage requires transaction data logs to enable the recommendation engine and a product feed to power dynamic product images and links. Here’s a breakdown:

Transaction Data - Provide at least 30 days, but preferably 90 days worth of transaction records. Note: This can be obtained passively by enabling flexRecs after the pilot program or during the first full month of service where transaction data is being provided to flexEngage.

Product Feed - Include a product image link and a link to the product online. Note: For best results, the product feed should use ParentSKUs or Product IDs which represent a category of items, rather than Product IDs for each color, size, etc of a given product.

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flexEngage client, 5.11 Tactical experienced these results from their Product Recommendations:


5.11 Tactical's Product recommendations generated a 409% annual ROI from purchases made directly from digital receipts.


Personalized Product Recommendations are a proven way to drive incremental sales directly from your transactional communications.

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Add flexRecs to your transactional communications.

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