Improved Response Rates

Deeper Customer Insights


Looking for ways to increase survey responses and capture more insights about your shopper's interests and in-store experiences? Our enhanced surveys improve response rates and data quality, empowering merchants with new ways to understand their customers’ in-store experiences and receive critical feedback on new products.


Boost In-store Survey Response Rates and Customer Engagement

Our personalized, dynamic transactional messages provide a more convenient and effective vehicle for soliciting shopper feedback from today’s connected consumers. Digital receipts alone boast some of the highest open (45-80%) and click-through (15-20%) rates of any shopper communication. In fact, responses to surveys within eReceipts are 10 times higher than flat .PDF emails or printed receipts.

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flexEngage offers a number of options for embedding enhanced surveys within our receipts, order confirmations, ship notifications and packing slips. Here is some of what you can expect:

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Easy set-up – use a template or create from scratch

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Fully customizable – complete branding control

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Store-level reporting options

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Real-time alerts

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Proven question library or create your own

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Follow-up surveys dig deeper into customer sentiment


flexReceipts’ client, Destination XL experienced the following results:


Survey Completion Rate


flexEngage generated an additional 15,000 survey completions this year.


of survey respondents receiving coupons for completing the survey redeemed them within 1 Week


Total Return on Investment


Enhanced surveys are a simple add-on to your existing flexEngage installation.

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Get started in as little as two weeks!  Contact Us to Learn More.

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