28% survey completion rate


Ereceipts drive a 320% ROI


Ereceipts generate an additional 15,000 survey completions

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30% of survey respondents receiving coupons purchased within 24 hours


Destination XL Harnesses Digital Receipts to Drive Post-Sale Engagement

Destination XL Group, Inc. is the largest omnichannel specialty retailer of big & tall men's apparel. The company currently has 225 DXL retail and outlet stores in operation across every major metropolitan market in the continental United States with two stores located in Canada. The retailer operates under five brands: Destination XL® (DXL®), Casual Male XL®, Rochester Clothing, ShoesXL® and LivingXL®.

Destination DXL Needed:

  • A solution that enabled dynamic insertion of personalized content to better engage customers post-purchase.

  • To build brand loyalty through mobile app downloads and increase direct customer feedback.

  • To generate incremental sales via a seamless omnichannel shopping experience.

The Challenge: Maximize Post-Sale Engagement & Incremental Revenue Opportunities

DXL’s POS system offered flat, .PDF-based email receipts. With average open rates of 60%, DXL identified email receipts as a platform where it might increase app downloads, drive incremental sales and leverage shopper insights to better engage its’ customers.

The Solution: Deploy flexEngage’s Smart Digital Receipts to Engage Customers With More Relevant, Timely Offers & Incentives

DXL’s executive team chose flexEngage to support the company’s 2017 customer retention initiatives. flexEngage’s’ core integration with Aptos POS enabled DXL to launch enhanced receipts immediately and customize its receipt content. DXL’s first campaign incentivized customers to complete the DXL Customer Feedback Survey in return for a coupon good for $15 off their next purchase of $100 or more. Following this initial campaign, DXL marketed their new mobile apps using a separate incentive to encourage customers to download their apps.
Recently, flexEngage worked with DXL’s Product Recommendation partner, Reflektion, to add personalized product recommendations to DXL’s digital receipts as flexEngage’s existing data shows that Product Recommendations can drive upward of 25% of all receipt-generated sales revenue.

The Results: Engagement and Revenue Data Far Outperform Expectations

  • 28% Survey Complete Rate: With flexEngage, DXL has achieved an impressive 28% survey completion rate, generating 15,000 additional in-store customer survey completions

  • Hundreds of New App Downloads Monthly: The DXL mobile app call-to-action, now a staple in every DXL digital receipt, generates hundreds of downloads per month, supporting DXL’s omnichannel strategy.

  • flexEngage eReceipts Generate a 320% ROI: Post-click revenue tracking across DXL’s 5 Brands shows that over 30% of all customers who receive a coupon in response to a survey converted within 24 hours, with another 15% converting within a week. Annualized ROI for DXL’s 5 Brands is 320%.


While DXL knew the potential value a smart digital receipts solution could provide, no-one in the organization expected the post-sale engagement value to acheive a 320% ROI for the business, nor drive upwards of 15,000 unique survey responses, providing valuable insights into customer experiences and firmly lodging flexEngage into DXL’s comprehensive omnichannel strategy.

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“flexEngage is the leading enhanced digital receipt solution. Their digital receipt solution will allow us to provide our guests wardrobe recommendations based off their purchase history. This enriched receipt will assist us in building brand loyalty and driving sales while allowing us to monitor spending habits and shopping trends.
— Brian Reaves // Chief Sales Officer at Destination XL.
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