DXL Optimizes Customer Order Notifications for Better Engagement

DXL wanted to update their customer order notifications but knew the challenges of working with their OMS or ESP for these optimizations. Selecting their eReceipt vendor, flexEngage, who had already worked with their POS provider, DXL was able to successfully optimize these messages and drive a 4.6% conversion rate and 16X ROI.

The Impact Of Our Customer Loyalty Solutions


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The OMS Wasn't Built for Customer Experience

DXL set a goal of creating a better experience for their customers with their customer order notifications. Setting the goal to optimize these assets, DXL looked for a partner that could work to turn their messages through their OMS, a non-marketing-centric tool, into an engaging experience for their customers. DXL looked towards their eReceipt provider, flexEngage, who had already work with their POS company, to optimize these messages. This strategy paid off. The company was able to launch their dynamic, consumer-centric messages that help to drive long-term value for the brand. Download the case study to learn about why Ujjwal Dhoot, CMO of DXL Group, selected flexEngage to enhance DXL's notifications.

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"Partnering with flexEngage helped us enhance our customer’s experience...improving engagement in the post purchase experience."

Ujjwal Dhoot Chief Marketing Officer at DXL Group