Track Receipts and Lose The Paper!

Say goodbye to the old ways of managing receipts. No more lost, damaged or misplaced receipts. Now get your receipts in one place, wherever and whenever you want.

Track receipts

Completely Digital

Paper receipts are antiquated, inconvenient and wasteful. Far too often, they end up in a trash can. flexEngage digitizes paper receipts and delivers them right to your email inbox or your cloud-based flexEngage account so you can always track purchases. Oh, and it’s also good for the environment: It takes 600 million trees to produce paper receipts and zero to produce our digital receipts.

Secure Storage

As one of the best transactional email service providers, our utmost concern is always your privacy—and the privacy of your customers. flexEngage keeps your data stored securely. Our practices are monitored and verified on a daily basis to ensure we are maintaining the industry’s highest security standards. We also vow to never sell your personal data.

Best transactional email service

Customer engagement strategies

All in One Place

Throw away the shoe box and start putting into place customer engagement strategies that help you run a better business! flexEngage’s e-receipt portal allows you to file and track receipts, and our built-in categories make budgeting and accounting a snap.

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How it works


Create a flexEngage (flexReceipts) Account

✔ Register for an account. 

✔ Add your Loyalty Cards so that it is easier to identify yourself at the store.


Request a Digital Receipt

✔ Ask for a digital receipt when making your purchase at a store that offers flexReceipts.

✔ Provide your registered email address, phone number, loyalty card, or credit card to identify yourself


Say Goodbye to the Paper

✔ Your digital receipt is instantly transferred to flexEngage.

✔ Log in to your flexEngage account to easily manage your receipts.



What is a flexEngage digital receipt (also known as a flexReceipt)?

A flexEngage digital receipt (also known as a flexReceipt) is an electronic version of a receipt. It serves all of the same needs of a paper receipt (returns/exchanges, business expense reporting, taxes, etc). You never have to worry about storing or carrying your receipts again.

Is there a charge for this service?

There is no charge for a flexEngage digital receipt... It is FREE!

How do I add a receipt to my flexEngage (flexReceipts) account with my temporary receipt ID?

Under the Receipts tab, click on the Add Receipts sub-tab. Add your temporary ID and click Done.

How do I register my credit cards and loyalty cards?

Hover over the "MY FLEXACCOUNT" button on the top-right of the screen and click on Card Registration. Credit Cards are automatically added when you use them to make a purchase and receive a flexEngage digital receipt (also known as a flexReceipt). However, you can delete any unwanted Credit Cards from this page. You can also add or delete any Loyalty Cards for this page.

Why do we ask for a Credit/Debit Card?

We will never charge your Credit/Debit Card. This is only used to identify you when you are making a purchase. In addition, we will never have your full credit card number. We only ask for a portion of the full number.

How do I receive a flexEngage digital receipt (Also known as a flexReceipt)?

It requires two steps: (1) First, register for a flexEngage (flexReceipts) account. (2) Second, when asked if you would like a digital receipt at any of our retail clients, simply say "Yes" and identify yourself with an email address, phone number, credit card, or loyalty card.

Will this clutter my email inbox?

This will help eliminate clutter your inbox because it allows you to manage your receipts in your free flexEngage (flexReceipts) web account instead of your email inbox.

How to search for Receipts?

On the left side of your summary page, you can search by Keyword, Merchant, Date, or Amount.

How to manage your receipts using Folders.

Create a folder (e.g. Business, Children, etc) on the bottom-left of the receipt summary page. Then check the box on the left of any receipt you'd like to move to a folder. Finally, click the "Move to Folder" button, and select the folder you would like to move your receipts to.

How to delete receipts

Check the box on the left of any receipt and select the "Delete Receipt" button.

How to export your receipts, different formats, PDF, CSV and XSL

Check the box on the left of any receipt and select the "Export Receipt" button. Then select the file format.

How secure is my information?

We use banking level security standards. Your information is safe and will never be put in harms way.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes, the mobile app is coming soon!

Where can I get a flexEngage digital receipt (also know as a flexReceipt)?

You can get a flexEngage digital receipt (also known as a flexReceipt) from any participating merchants including Under Armour, Michael Kors, Aldo Shoes, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Oakley, Shoe Carnival, Shoe Sensation, SeaWorld and many more. Ask your store if they offer digital receipts from flexEngage (flexReceipts). Also, you can email us at about your favorite merchants that don't currently offer flexReceipts so that we can add them to our list.

Can I receive discounts and offers?

If you like, we can send you discounts and offers to your favorite merchants.

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