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Evolution of Retailing

The Evolution of Retailing: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

The continuous evolution of the retailing landscape forces retailers to operate in a highly dynamic and competitive customer-driven market. They’re required to constantly adapt to the changing expectations of consumers in order to keep them coming back.  From Industrial Age department stores… Continue Reading

Finding Your Most Effective Retail Channel Strategy

At the dawn of online retail, retailers were split into two distinct categories; either brick and mortar or internet-based. Retailers acquired customers via phone, print, direct mail, in-store, television, and radio while consumers purchased by phone, mail, in-store, and online. These channels were very much isolated and attribution across… Continue Reading

5 Creative Retailers Who Get Omnichannel Right

Shoppers have endless options in today’s retail landscape. Expectations are high, and increasingly, customers are getting used to being able to quickly and easily buy what they want, when they want it, on whatever device they happen to be using at the time anytime, on any device—quickly, conveniently, and affordable. Continue Reading

Five Benefits of Converting to Digital Packing Slips

Upon making an online purchase, your customer receives a digital receipt as their first post-purchase touchpoint and you’ve succeeded in keeping their attention. Next, an email notification that their order has shipped hits their inbox and further builds the anticipation. For many retailers, the post-sale communication ends here. While a… Continue Reading

Engaging Email Receipts: Responsive Design Best Practices

With approximately 50% of emails now being viewed on mobile devices, and the trend continuing to increase, it is necessary to create engaging email receipts that provide an enjoyable mobile user experience. Responsive email receipt design takes into account the screen size of the device that is being… Continue Reading

GNC Reveals Its Personalization Strategy to Keep Shoppers Coming Back

GNC is a recognized and trusted brand that provides customers with health and nutrition products both online and around the corner through their neighborhood storefronts. GNC’s health-conscious customers are always looking for new ways to optimize their well-being and performance, and the brand has earned a reputation for offering cutting-edge… Continue Reading

Four Post-Sale Opportunities to Boost Engagement & Revenue

Are you looking for effective ways to drive customer retention? At flexEngage, we have pinpointed post-sale opportunities that can help your brand engage shoppers with more relevant and personalized content. Here are four ways to better capitalize on shopper attention after the sale. Leverage Digital Receipts As customers continue… Continue Reading

REVENUE HACK: How GNC Turned Transactional Communications into Personalized Marketing Channels

Talk recorded live at NRF 2019 in New York CityIn their presentation at National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2019, flexEngage CEO Tomas Diaz and GNC’s Director of Customer Marketing and Loyalty Jennifer Biefel discussed personalization across post-purchase communications. The presentation focused on the following three takeaways:Why Transactional Communications are Underleveraged… Continue Reading

5 Important Post-Sale Personalization Strategies for Retailers

Are you looking for ways to better engage your customers both in-store and online? Here are five great post-sale personalization strategies to help omnichannel retailers better connect with shoppers this year. #1: Pay Attention to Demographic Trends Like Millennials before them, Generation Z has become a consumer force… Continue Reading

4 Essential Opportunities for Retailers at Shoptalk 2019

Shoptalk has been growing by leaps and bounds since it started in Las Vegas just five years ago. Shoptalk 2019 will no doubt be an innovative, impactful, and inspiring conference with vital takeaways and new opportunities for retailers. We’ve selected the top 4 opportunities retailers should take advantage of at… Continue Reading

Why are My eReceipt Adoption Rates So Low?

Adoption rates are key to the effectiveness of any eReceipt program, but many retailers struggle with stagnant rates due to various factors. To unlock the ROI and engagement potential of digital receipts, it is important for retail teams to work together in order to increase adoption. Let’s take a… Continue Reading

Retail Marketing Software: Build vs. Buy

If you have the resources to do it, creating your own custom retail marketing software in-house may seem to make sense. Who else knows the ins and outs of your business like you and your team? You can build the software to your company’s unique specifications and control the… Continue Reading