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Increasing Foot Traffic – 7 Things Store Ops Can Do

Stores have always been accountable for most of the revenue for brick and mortar based retailers, making up to 90% of revenue for their brand. The recent events have caused stores to shut their doors for the interim and are reopening again. This time they are opening with… Continue Reading

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How to Streamline Communications in 2020

At FlexEngage, we launched a new service that will help elevate the concept of minimal contact communication. We are offering you retail customer experience solutions that will ensure you’ll never lose your customer base due to curbside pick-up communication challenges. Continue Reading

Why eReceipts Will Help All the Stores Closing

Retail has seen a high amount of temporary and permanent store closures in the past few months. Yet the following months are expected to outdo the permanent store closures seen in the past few months by a long shot. As of June, multiple retailers have announced they are… Continue Reading

Retail Insights for Connecting with Generation Z

Is it really all about Millennials? Innovative retailers are looking beyond to the next generation of consumers, Generation Z.  Gen Z is the demographic of people born from 1995-2010. Like Millennials, Z’ers spend much of their time online and expect brands to connect with them digitally. According to Forbes,… Continue Reading

How to Connect the Dots for An Effective Retail Clienteling Program

“The best segments are segments of one.” This brilliant quote from Luxury Institute CEO Milton Pedraza illustrates the power and potential of clienteling. Clienteling is a new word for a time-honored retail tradition: the process of building relationships with customers to anticipate and fulfill their needs. It’s the modern-day… Continue Reading

How to Boost Store Reviews to Help Drive Retail Traffic and Sales

What do people say about your brand? In today’s omnichannel retail environment, consumers commonly search for store ratings and reviews before deciding which location to visit. In fact, research indicates that 85% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from their friends and family. With… Continue Reading

3 Important Shopper Demands & How to Meet Them

A simple online search inquiring about the latest developments in retail will show various results ranging from pending crises to the 2019 retail apocalypse to upcoming growth trends in the space. With such conflicting news, it may seem like retailers are either in trouble or expanding as some retailers report… Continue Reading

Why Going Digital Yields Real Results

The digital era has transformed the buying experience, and it’s on its way to re-inventing the way retailers provide a record of our transactions. The paper receipt has certainly served us well. The slip of paper is simple and practical, but in the ever-changing landscape of the digital world,… Continue Reading

Cyber Monday Strategy Guide: Unify the Shopper Experience

According to Adobe Analytics, shoppers spent $7.9 billion during Cyber Monday 2018 versus $6.59 billion in 2017. 2019 aims to take the cake with early predictions coming in hot at $9 billion in spending this Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday still brings its own wave of unpredictability, keeping Black Friday… Continue Reading

Gearing Up for NRF 2020

The world’s largest retail conference and expo, the National Retail Foundation 2020 Vision trade show is right around the corner. NRF Retail Week connects forward-thinking visionaries with the latest advances via a packed calendar from January 11-14, including presentations, networking events, exhibits, workshops, innovative tours, and much more. As… Continue Reading

Benefits of Implementing a Data-Driven Retail Strategy

The game for retail has changed. The importance of making strategic decisions in retail is highlighted by the 7,400 stores that have and will close in 2019. Retailers need to make educated decisions to position their brand for success. The key to making educated decisions relies on one unit:… Continue Reading