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3 Important Shopper Demands & How to Meet Them

A simple online search inquiring about the latest developments in retail will show various results ranging from pending crises to the 2019 retail apocalypse to upcoming growth trends in the space. With such conflicting news, it may seem like retailers are either in trouble or expanding as some retailers report… Continue Reading

Why Going Digital Yields Real Results

The digital era has transformed the buying experience, and it’s on its way to re-inventing the way retailers provide a record of our transactions. The paper receipt has certainly served us well. The slip of paper is simple and practical, but in the ever-changing landscape of the digital world,… Continue Reading

Cyber Monday Strategy Guide: Unify the Shopper Experience

According to Adobe Analytics, shoppers spent $7.9 billion during Cyber Monday 2018 versus $6.59 billion in 2017. 2019 aims to take the cake with early predictions coming in hot at $9 billion in spending this Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday still brings its own wave of unpredictability, keeping Black Friday… Continue Reading

Gearing Up for NRF 2020

The world’s largest retail conference and expo, the National Retail Foundation 2020 Vision trade show is right around the corner. NRF Retail Week connects forward-thinking visionaries with the latest advances via a packed calendar from January 11-14, including presentations, networking events, exhibits, workshops, innovative tours, and much more. As… Continue Reading

Benefits of Implementing a Data-Driven Retail Strategy

The game for retail has changed. The importance of making strategic decisions in retail is highlighted by the 7,400 stores that have and will close in 2019. Retailers need to make educated decisions to position their brand for success. The key to making educated decisions relies on one unit:… Continue Reading

How to Drive In-Store Traffic & Maintain It

In an online-dominated world, you may find it shocking that many customers still prefer the in-store experience when shopping. In fact, 65% of surveyed shoppers would rather shop in-store versus online. Despite the shift in online consumer behavior, brick and mortar reigns supreme in its ability to influence… Continue Reading

How to Become a Data-Driven Retailer

The benefits of creating a data-driven retail strategy are clear since competition in the retail space is rapidly rising. This has led to a massive amount of data becoming available and being aggregated but is causing some retailers to fall into analysis-paralysis. So how can retailers move forward… Continue Reading

3 Ways Your Current Customers Can Boost Sales Now

With the so-called retail apocalypse on everyone’s mind, companies devote much of their time to acquiring new customers, sometimes putting existing ones on the back burner. However, research suggests that your current customers are far more valuable when it comes to driving sales. Let’s first explore why this is… Continue Reading

Five Winning Strategies for Omnichannel Retail Marketing

Omnichannel is no longer an option, it’s absolutely essential for retail success. Retailers that employ omnichannel retail marketing strategies experience 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to businesses that don’t, according to a recent survey by Aspect Software. Armed with this understanding, retailers are raising the bar… Continue Reading

Advocacy Marketing in Retail: What’s Working Today

As retail marketers, we all know that word of mouth is king. Customers who love our products wear them, use them, and share them with their friends, and it’s been that way since Cleopatra started eyeliner trends back in ancient Egypt. Today, all word of mouth doesn’t have to… Continue Reading

Canadian Retailers Face Pressure to Provide an Alternative to Paper Receipts

Canadian retailers face mounting pressure from health, labor, and environmental groups to phase out paper receipts that include bisphenols, most notably, bisphenol-A (BPA) and bisphenol-S (BPS). Several groups of health, labor, and environmental advocates have recently petitioned some of Canada’s top retailers, including Costco Canada and Walmart Canada, to stop… Continue Reading

6 Ways Standard Receipts are Costing You

Integrated into society over 5,000 years ago, receipts have been the primary form for proof of purchases for centuries. Retailers have issued paper receipts for a variety of reasons including for the purpose of facilitating returns for consumers. This practice continued until recently with little change. As retailing entered the… Continue Reading

CommerceNext 2019 Preview: What Not to Miss

CommerceNext 2019 will convene in New York City for two days this summer: July 31st and August 1, 2019. Mid-year results are coming in, and retailers are comparing their 2019 forecasts with actual results. There is much cause for celebration, given than U.S. Retail sales have risen month-over-month, beating expectations… Continue Reading