1 in 7 shoppers take action


20% open rates are standard for automated triggers


On average, $5 is made for every $1 invested


Many retailers are improving engagement with loyalty members and coupon subscribers by sending personalized, automated messages. But what about everyone else? Post-purchase emails are four times as likely to be opened as marketing emails. Automated triggers from flexEnagage allow retailers to capitalize on shopper interest in transactional communications and leverage shopping behaviors to follow receipts, order confirmations, ship notifications and packing slips with relevant, personalized and compelling automated trigger emails. Continue the conversation and drive repeat purchases with automated triggers from flexEngage.


Automated emails based on shopper interests and purchasing patterns.

+ Personalized Product Suggestions to remind shoppers of what they purchased at the time they may need to reorder

+ Clickable Product Images and Buy Now Buttons to drive post-sale, omnichannel repurchasing

+ Solicit Important Shopper Feedback

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Destination XL leveraged Automated Triggers to suggest products and drive incremental revenue.


DXL's Automated Triggers saw a 4% sales conversion rate, generating $104.89 of revenue per conversion.


Automated Triggers are a proven way to ensure continuous engagement and capture more cross-channel sales.

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Learn more about leveraging Automated Triggers to drive incremental revenue.

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