Behavioral Marketing Automation

Behavior Based Marketing Automation

Behavior Based Marketing Automation As first-party data continues to pave the future for the digital mediascape, the role of behavior based marketing automation becomes all the more important for retailers and businesses on a widely encompassing level. Since current marketing trends now see first-party… Continue Reading

Post-purchase content marketing

Post-Purchase Content Marketing

Level Up Your Post-Purchase Content Marketing Strategies This Holiday Season Post-purchase content marketing refers to an organization’s efforts to connect and interact with their customers after they have made a purchase. Like it’s name implies, this type of marketing seeks to reinforce brand loyalty and build the foundation… Continue Reading

How to Collect First Party Data

How to Collect First Party Data

As first-party data continues to dominate the landscape of online consumerism, a question many companies and retailers find themselves wondering is how to collect first party data, and what ways are most effective at retrieving this valuable information? As a relatively new concept for… Continue Reading

The Future Of Retail Marketing

The Future of Retail Marketing

The future of retail marketing has shifted dramatically over the last year, as the waning significance of third-party cookies has brought on new efforts to retrieve valuable data within the digital advertising world. But what is this new, ‘better data’, and how are retailers… Continue Reading

Future of Retail and Data

The Future of Retail and Data

As the prominence of digital advertising continues to dominate online consumerism, the future of retail and data, as well as their critical relation together, has never been so closely tied. The importance of data within… Continue Reading

The Evolution of Retailing: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

The continuous evolution of the retailing landscape forces retailers to operate in a highly dynamic and competitive customer-driven market. They’re required to constantly adapt to the changing expectations of consumers in order to keep them coming back.  From Industrial Age department stores… Continue Reading

In Store Customer Engagement

Take In-Store Customer Engagement to the Next Level

In-store customer engagement is a cornerstone of any successful in-store purchasing experience. It can also be the connecting link between turning a one-time customer into a returning one. And taking it to the next level is easier than you might think, often requiring little more than… Continue Reading

Best Safe places to Download applications

APKticket is a website providing smartphones software downloads founded in 2021 by APKticket Team, and has grown into one of the leading websites in the smartphones software industry. Our Mission Providing a safer, better and faster software download experience for our fans all over the world. We offer… Continue Reading

Why Retailers are Switching to Electronic Receipts

Electronic receipts are quickly overtaking paper receipts as the go-to receipt method of choice. And that’s good news for both retailers and consumers, both of whom benefit from this major transition. COVID-19 has forced e-commerce to accelerate in one year at growth levels that would… Continue Reading