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The 11 eReceipt Best Practices You Need to Know

eReceipts are fast becoming the best method to distribute receipts and a powerful retail marketing tool. Digital receipts already bolster a 40-75% adoption rate with shoppers. To better optimize your ereceipt program, we offer the following best practices...

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5 Best Practices for a Better Retail Customer Experience at Checkout

Closing the sale is your ultimate goal as a retailer. Everything you do is leading to the moment of purchase – so you want that moment of purchase to be perfect. You don’t want anything that potentially dissuades your customer from completing the purchase, or sticks in their mind and prevents them from making a future purchase.

With that in mind, let’s talk about some ways to make sure your checkout customer experience is the best it can possibly be...

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9 Easy Ways to Increase Customer Engagement Post-Purchase

Anyone in retail should be able to tell you that getting a customer to purchase the first time is only half the battle. Once they’ve purchased, you have to work to keep them engaged so they stick around, become a loyal customer, and make repeat purchases. But it can be a real struggle to keep a customer engaged post-purchase. How do you get in contact with them? What do they want from you?

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