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9 Easy Ways to Increase Customer Engagement Post-Purchase

Anyone in retail should be able to tell you that getting a customer to purchase the first time is only half the battle. Once they’ve purchased, you have to work to keep them engaged so they stick around, become a loyal customer, and make repeat purchases. But it can be a real struggle to keep a customer engaged post-purchase. How do you get in contact with them? What do they want from you?

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Showrooming: Revisited

Showrooming is the act of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, but using a smart phone or tablet to check reviews and look for better prices, either online or from a competitor. It’s not a new trend, the term started showing up right about the same time that smart phones became a mandatory accessory. Showrooming costs retailers money.

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Short and Useful: Keys to Connecting With Millennials

Millennials can have an enormous impact on your success. They make up roughly 25% of the U.S. population. And as they get older, their buying power is expanding. Millennials now account for a massive $1.3 trillion in consumer spending each year, according to digital ad agency Moosylvania.

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