The Restaurant Receipt With the Power to Increase Loyalty & Occupancy

Paper receipts days are numbered.

Paper receipts days are numbered.

Are paper receipts really the best option for the food industry? In the world of restaurants, these receipts are as commonplace as menus. But even at chains where kiosks help to cut down on paper, receipt options are limited. The paper option is ultimately as wasteful as it ever was, while many digital versions currently in use provide strictly static transaction information that generates little to no post-click revenue. Personalized digital receipts, on the other hand, are both, convenient for customers and profitable for businesses, offering dynamic content such as loyalty announcements, coupons, surveys, and new product promotions.

eReceipts by the Numbers

Although many restaurants still use paper, today’s connected consumers demand a digital option. In fact, up to 75% of consumers today opt for eReceipts when available, often submitting their best email address or phone number as opposed to secondary contact information used for the purposes of filtering marketing communications. Digital receipts boast open rates of up to 80% and are typically opened between 3 and 5 times. Average click-through rates for eReceipts is approximately 15%, far surpassing the click-through of every other form of diner marketing. Finally, due to the demand and attention paid to eReceipts, restaurants offering them are able to capture around 25% more valid contacts as compared with loyalty invitations. These statistics clearly reveal an opportunity for restaurants looking to leverage digital receipts as an effective avenue for increasing engagement with patrons.

Survey Capture and Bounce Back

Dynamic eReceipts offer distinct advantages for restaurants which cannot be ignored. For consumers, less paper means less clutter and fewer documents to manage. By their nature, eReceipts are easier to recall and their high open rates make them an effective vehicle for highlighting new products and events. Plus, their mobile accessibility makes submitting feedback much more convenient immediately after the dining experience. Direct hyperlinks remove obstacles which suppress engagement, and as a result, digital receipts are known to capture up to ten times more survey responses than paper receipts. One flexReceipts client recently offered a coupon incentive in return for completing an online survey. The limited campaign successfully captured 15,000 additional survey responses and incremental revenue as 45% of those who completed the survey redeemed the coupon within a week.

Loyalty Insights and Adoption

Beyond high email capture rates, eReceipts help to boost loyalty activation in a way that traditional receipts can’t. In fact, some brands have seen as much as 25% more loyalty signups from invitations within digital receipts. eReceipts not only improve loyalty adoption, but the data captured within digital receipts provide a clearer understanding of diner interests. Connecting customer feedback with buying habits and transaction insights equips restaurants to better engage all of their diners - whether they’re currently a member of the loyalty program or not.

Even More Convenience

The recent move to pay-at-the-counter and pay-at-the-table systems within the restaurant industry demonstrates the demand for a more seamless, digital checkout. With this in mind, dynamic digital receipts with their enhanced engagement capabilities are a natural fit for both the restaurant chain and the diner. Through intelligent eReceipts, chains can capture more and better email addresses, highlight new products, and offer coupons and surveys in convenient and accessible ways. What’s more, those same receipts have the power to boost loyalty and reduce the hassle and cost of paper. For these reasons and more, maybe paper receipts should no longer be the industry standard.

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