Four Post-Sale Opportunities to Boost Engagement & Revenue

post-sale engagement opportunities

Are you looking for effective ways to drive customer retention? At flexEngage, we have pinpointed post-sale opportunities that can help your brand engage shoppers with more relevant and personalized content. Here are four ways to better capitalize on shopper attention after the sale.

Leverage Digital Receipts

As customers continue to trend mobile, we have expanded our eReceipt delivery options to include SMS, allowing shoppers to check their receipts via text. Like their email counterparts, text receipts contain engaging content such as product recommendations and coupons. These messages, which also include survey and review links, garner open rates of up to 80% and click rates up to 15%.

Our recent post-sale automated trigger campaigns for brands, Destination XL and Aldo Shoes - which thanked shoppers for their purchase and then suggested other relevant products based on their purchase history - resulted in increased bounce back revenue and an average overall ROI of 320%. After another previous customer retention initiative, we again teamed-up with Destination XL and their product recommendation partner Reflektion, to feature behavior-based recommendations within their digital receipts.

These optimizations resulted in:

  • A 21% combined open rate

  • A 13% click rate

  • A 4% conversion rate

  • $104.89 revenue per conversion

  • $0.11 revenue per conversion

  • 5:1 Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

In addition to these results, DXLs digital receipts also drove store traffic and sales when they offered customers a coupon in exchange for completing a survey. Forty-five percent of recipients redeemed the coupon within a week.

Optimize Print Receipts with Personalized Offers

Although many brands have put coupons onto traditional receipts for years, these randomly generated offers have limited engagement potential. By using shopper insights, you can tailor promotions to specific customers based on their purchases. That level of personalization, in turn, increases bounce back, making paper receipts an effective vehicle for shopper engagement in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

Send Dynamic Packing Slips

Like paper receipts, traditional packing slips can be digitized and enhanced with unprecedented personalization. Unlike basic product and customer information found on most slips, our dynamic, personalized packing slips include coupons and product recommendations, reminding customers if they forgot to purchase a necessary accessory. Digital packing slips provide shoppers with one-click convenience for initiating returns, where customers simply click a link that says “Reason for Return” instead of having to follow a multi-step return process. The same convenience allows shoppers to respond to survey prompts right from the digital packing slip at an important point in their shopping experience.

Inform Customers of the Status of their Order with Enhanced E-Comm Notifications

As with other transactional communication, order and ship notifications can guarantee that e-comm messages are brand-right, customer-centric, and generate sales. Product recommendations on these notifications capitalize on customer attention after a sale to highlight products related to the ones they just ordered. Review prompts next to product descriptions, allow shoppers to easily review the products they purchased at a point when they are most excited about their purchase.

Tying it All Together

While digital receipts continue to be one of the most effective marketing channels for retailers, relevant and personalized offers on physical receipts also drive a great deal of added revenue. And as essential as receipts are for post-sale engagement, they only represent one part of the customer’s post-purchase journey.  By integrating personalized packing slips and e-comm notifications retailers are able to reinforce their messages and unify the post-sale brand experience for shoppers helping to ensure that the end of every sale is the beginning of the next.


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