Destination XL Partners with flexReceipts to Provide a Flawless Omnichannel Experience

CANTON, MA, May 5, 2017, Destination XL, a renowned all-inclusive men’s clothing retailer, today announced a strategic partnership with dynamic email receipts leader flexReceipts, Inc. This new partnership allows Destination XL to round out their omnichannel strategy with a robust email program sending dynamic receipts to their customers. flexReceipts, Inc. is the leading enterprise provider of dynamic email receipts for retailers. Clients such as GNC and Laura Canada leverage flexReceipt’s easy-to-use merchant portal to design and manage their custom receipt templates. They also create targeted dynamic content for each customer based on the data they keep, such as SKU, purchase amount, UPC and more. Sahal Laher, Chief Digital and Information Officer at DXL says, “We are very excited to be working with FlexReceipts to provide our customers with a digital receipt for store purchases.  In addition to eliminating paper and providing the transaction information, it will enable us to drive increased customer engagement through personalized content that is curated for the customer.”

Destination XL plans to utilize flexReceipts’ easily operated platform to ensure their customer experience matches their comprehensive approach to clothing. By using dynamic receipts to bridge the online and offline gap in their experience, Destination XL will be able to ensure that their customers have everything they need, as conveniently as possible. By using flexReceipts, they will be able to reduce overhead, drive down returns, engage customers, and increase sales, all as an integral part of a leading omnichannel email marketing strategy.

Brian Reaves, Chief Sales Officer at Destination XL, says, "Flexreceipts is the leading enhanced digital receipt solution. Their digital receipt solution will allow us to provide our guests wardrobe recommendations based off their purchase history. This enriched receipt will assist us in building brand loyalty and driving sales while allowing us to monitor spending habits and shopping trends."

About flexReceipts “Going Beyond the Sale”

flexReceipts is the perfect solution for a retailer looking to execute an omnichannel strategy that focuses on capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the bridge between the online and offline world. flexReceipts is backed by Synchrony Financial, the retail credit giant, and powers email receipts across 10,000 retail locations. flexReceipts has processed over 150 million transactions, totally over $11B in sales. Email receipts are shown to have an adoption rate of as high as 56% and even higher open rates of between 65-80%, making them the most effective tool retailers have to capture customer contact information and engage them at the time of their peak interest. Over 70 brands already use flexReceipts across 10,000 locations to “Go Beyond the Sale,” driving better engagement with a stronger customer experience. Learn more:

About Destination XL “Value and Luxury … All in One Place”

DXL is an all-inclusive superstore for men. It offers one of the most impressive assortments of XL men’s clothing and shoes in the world. DXL is designed as a “one-stop-shop” concept intended to make a man’s shopping experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Not only do they offer the widest range of sizes possible, but they also boast a wide array of designers, from the value-forward brands like Levi’s to high-end designers, like Michael Kors. Beyond this, Destination XL is the only retailer open today that carries designer clothing from Michael Kors, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers, True Religion and Reebok in XL sizes. Destination XL is devoted to providing the best shopping experience on the market for XL men’s sizes.