We've created an offline cookie for the real world.

flexReceipts was recently mentioned in an article by The Atlantic on the future of Silicon Valley. "The future of technology will emphasize data, which will be leveraged and monetized. For some companies, the primary value lay not in the products, but the data sets that those products would facilitate. One of the starkest examples of this was flexReceipts, whose software enables brick-and-mortar retailers to provide customers with email receipts rather than paper ones. This is a win for retailers, who can retarget their own customers, but it’s an even bigger win for flexReceipts and its investors. “By digitizing receipts,” CEO Tomas Diaz explained, “we get to see itemized purchase data for every single retail transaction … the credit-card companies don’t have access to this level of data.” Coupled with email addresses, the company is creating a huge data set that correlates individual purchases to personal information. “We’ve created an offline cookie for the real world,” Diaz said."

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