Why are My eReceipt Adoption Rates So Low?

Image courtesy of iStock

Image courtesy of iStock

Adoption rates are key to the effectiveness of any eReceipt program, but many retailers struggle with stagnant rates due to various factors. To unlock the ROI and engagement potential of digital receipts, it is important for retail teams to work together in order to increase adoption. Let’s take a look at some common reasons for low adoption rates and provide your retail business with key suggestions for strengthening its eReceipt program.

The Importance of eReceipt Adoption

Today, up to 75% of customers opt for eReceipts when offered due to their convenience, easy recall, and eco-friendliness. In fact, on average, opt-ins for eReceipts typically capture 25% more valid email addresses than opt-ins for loyalty programs. Today, many major retail brands are seeing significant returns from their eReceipt programs. Unlike other retailer emails, which garner average open rates of approximately 19%, eReceipts boast open rates of up to 80%, as well as 15% click-through rates, and digital receipts are viewed between 3-5 times.

As an example, 5.11 Tactical utilizes its digital receipts to gain subscribers for other marketing promotions. Adoption rates for 5.11 Tactical’s eReceipt program are 75% resulting in a 409% ROI for the company. Another flexReceipts client, Destination XL leveraged eReceipts to increase mobile app downloads and Voice of the Customer (VoC) feedback. Post-click revenue from a recent campaign showed that over 45% of all DXL customers who received a coupon in response to a digital receipt survey converted within a week.

So, Why are My eReceipt Adoption Rates Low?

Consideration #1: Associate Training & Incentives:
Sometimes, it’s all in the delivery. The best way to increase eReceipt adoption is to effectively train associates in the best ways to offer them and incentivize them for doing so. A typical reason eReceipt adoption rates are low is that many associates don’t let customers know they're available. This is often due to a lack of motivation, training and, perhaps, fear that shoppers will have negative reactions or that checkout speed will be slowed. In fact, a vast majority of consumers today prefer digital receipts, so there’s no reason for store associates to hesitate, particularly when they know they'll be rewarded for offering digital receipts. As for checkout speed concerns, a simple prompt at the point of purchase reminds associates to ask, “Which email should I send your receipt to?” after which he/she enters the email provided, keeping the checkout process quick and efficient.

Consideration #2: Leadership Reinforcement
For some retailers, adoption rates are low due to the lack of leadership reinforcement of the program’s importance. ReturnPath notes that retail employees need inspiration from company leaders to stimulate their eReceipt program and to give them guidance and support. “In order for e-receipts to be considered and implemented across the business, it’s fundamental to have a sponsor in the business.” The author adds that “It’s also critical to have someone with director level influence that will take ownership and understand the benefits [a digital receipt program] provides.”

Consideration #3: Traditional vs. Mobile Checkout
Another factor that can help to increase email receipt adoption is the use of mobile devices for checkout. Since these devices frequently aren’t attached to a printer, many customers won’t expect a printed receipt and are more likely to opt for a digital version. According to BRP Consulting’s 2018 POS/Customer Engagement Survey, 62% of retailers “plan to increase their use of mobile devices at the POS by the end of 2019,” while “42% will use customer-owned mobile devices as a point of sale within three years.” Consider adopting mobile Point of Sale systems, not only for their speed and convenience, but also for their ability to promote email capture and increased post-purchase engagement via eReceipts.

Don’t Settle for Low eReceipt Adoption Rates

As results from 5.11 Tactical and Destination XL testify, eReceipts are an important and effective way for retailers to capture valid email addresses, drive post-click revenue and significantly increase ROI. If your company suffers from low adoption rates, consider looking into the ways your associates are trained and incentivized, the POS systems in use, and the level of leadership support behind the program. If you’re a flexReceipts customer, feel free to reach out to our Client Success team for more eReceipt best practices and assistance with improving your adoption rates.