Why Pinterest Is a Best-Seller in Retail

Are you on Pinterest? If so, you probably know how addicting it can be. How about your store? When you look at Pinterest from the retail perspective, it’s one of the smartest moves you can make.

Pinterest’s Phenomenal Growth Pinterest is just four years old, but it already has more than 70 million active users, 68% of whom are female. And for retailers, its impact is even more powerful than Facebook or YouTube for driving downstream traffic to retail sites.

A key tool for retailers is Product Pins. These “rich pins” provide the added details potential customers want, such as current price, availability, and where to buy. They make it easier for users to go a step beyond pinning and take action when they see something they like.

Inspiring New Ways of Shopping Have you heard the term "reverse showrooming"? It’s music to the ears of brick-and-mortar retailers. It’s the growing trend of consumers to research products online and then enter the physical store to make a final purchase.

Many users count on Pinterest search or their feed for discovering new products, collecting ideas and even alerting them when the price goes down. Others use Pinterest as their shopping list, adding various items they intend to buy in a single trip. These types of shoppers then feel better prepared to shop in the physical store.

Making the Most of Pinterest Retailers are finding a lot of innovative ways to incorporate Pinterest into their marketing strategy. You can add “Pin It” buttons to your website that encourage shoppers pin their favorite items. Another trend is adding Pinterest shelf tags in your store to showcase your most pinned items. And we’re seeing more Pinterest promotions or contests encouraging customers to pin their favorite products or tell why they like a product.

Pinterest is just one more way smart FlexReceipts customers are working hard to create a richer, more convenient shopping experience for their customers. Tell us in the comments below how you’re using Pinterest. And be sure to share this article with others on your team who might benefit.