Why consumers are opting for the convenience of digital receipts


The top global consumer trends for 2015 report that convenience is a driving force when it comes to consumer behaviour, for which they are increasingly prepared to pay. Brands cater to the trend through sharper online and offline shopping combinations, and more buyers are opting for digital receipts. Many consumers are feeling overwhelmed by their lifestyle obligations. Time-pressured consumers express strong preferences for quick, efficiency-driven products that allow them to feel more in control of their time. This consumer group will multi-task in order to compress more activities into less time, leading to wide behavioral implications.  Here's why consumers are saying yes to digital receipts: They want what's easy

Convenience is a trend that symbolizes the increased time pressures, stresses and work-life balance problems that consumers are increasingly experiencing. Digital receipts lend another vehicle to make the shopping experience easier, and when retailers are giving the option  to receive email receipts, more consumers are beginning to opt in. A recent study shows 90 per cent of consumers prefer to have online receipts over paper, and 50 per cent of consumers would purposefully buy from a retail business that offered the Ereceipt. Retailers that offer digital receipts also make returns and exchanges easier for consumers since they have an electronic record that cannot be misplaced with paper receipts.

They're expecting a personalized experience

A recent retail consumer survey found that Over half of the respondents stated that having digital receipts as a part of their shopping experience was important to them, and 66% stated that they were happy to receive personalized offers delivered electronically. Big data collected allows you to determine consumer specific buying patterns for tailored promotions on a personal level.

They support sustainability

Over 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees and 1 billion gallons of water are consumed each year in the creation of receipts for the United States alone. Going digital will lend to your sustainability efforts by lessening your carbon footprint while also saving you money on paper.  E-receipts also give the impression that you operate an echo-friendly and tech savvy business, which is a driving force when marketing to the coveted Millennial demographic.

Has your retail business noticed a trend toward Digitalreceipts? How have you been dealing with the transition from paper? For more insights and consumer trend reports, join our community and contact us for more on going digital.