The digital receipt: Marketing benefits for your business



A recent survey of over 5,000 marketers shows that 73% state email marketing is core to their business, and email acquisition for list growth is the primary motivator for 83% of the nearly 4,000 retailers who participated in a recent Epsilon survey. Collecting emails allows brands to send personalized marketing messages through discounts, promotions and loyalty programs on a digital receipt that will encourage consumers to go back in-store. For many merchants, this is a major draw for offering themin another report from Epsilon, 83% of the retailers that offered the online receipt claimed the ability to email customers was a major draw for switching. Retailers are always concerned with the leaky bucket--when customers buy one thing and never come back again. Expanding an email database gives brands the opportunity to engage on multiple channels and create a personalized experience.


Static content won't produce ROI. The real estate on your digital receipts is highly valuable.  Including your social media platforms allows another vehicle for communication with your customers where you can answer questions, promote your products and services, and handle customer service issues in responsive time. you will learn more about the consumer, you will build up on user-generated content, and your ability to engage will lead to building relationships.


Customer loyalty isn't what it used to be. With so many brands competing and consumers being bombarded with digital noise, marketers need to focus on the customer experience to keep them coming back. Tracking purchasing patterns will allow you to promote similar products consumers may also want to purchase. A well-thought-out, dynamic digital receiptstrategy enables your marketing team to build a two-way relationship with every customer. Those relationships allow your marketing team to provide personalized content for each transaction and content that is relevant to that specific customer.

NRF research suggests that the digital receipt will be adopted and offered by 60% of retailers by next year. Consumers are beginning to embrace the convenience of storage and management, and retailers stand to reap the benefits of increased efficiency, security, cost savings, cross-channel integration and, perhaps most important, e-mail list acquisition.

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