The Art of Storytelling in a Digital Receipt

Smart marketers know that a great story is the fastest way to their customer’s heart. When a story is well told, our minds focus on it and tune out everything else. We remember it. And afterwards, we can’t wait to share that story with our friends. (“Hey, did you catch the final episode of ‘The Voice’ last night?”) As retailers, we have the opportunity to tell our story in dozens of ways across the shopper experience. But the digital receipt offers a unique opportunity. As the final point on the customer journey, it offers one final opportunity to make an impression in the mind of your customer.

Structuring Your Story Like every good story, your digital receipt needs several key components: Mood (retail branding), characters (products purchased), drama (product recommendations), suspense (surveys & product reviews), and a good ending (targeted offers or promotions for loyal customers).

Remember, your customers are the protagonists in their own story, and each day they’re on a quest. They’re faced with tensions that you can help them overcome. Maybe there’s an emotional need they hope to fill, such as putting together a confidence-boosting outfit for a big job interview. You can suggest shoes or accessories right on the receipt to help them succeed on their quest.

And just like chatting about “The Voice,” your customers will want to re-tell your story, too. So be sure to include item-level social media links on your electronic receipts so they can share their “conquest” with their friends.

The Story Continues Finally, remember that a good story doesn’t end after one adventure (or purchase, in this case.) This means that as retailers we should be thinking about what our customer might need next, and help them find it.

By using storytelling as a powerful tool to connect with your customers, you can earn a place in their hearts. And that’s a great way to help your store live happily ever after.