Small retailers continue to innovate; Don’t get left behind

Now even the smallest business owners and retail shops may have a chance to up their game when it comes to digital receipts. Square’s mobile payment service software now includes a feedback feature that encourages customers to provide the seller with feedback on their shopping experience. The feedback is sent to the merchant in a text or email.

Not surprisingly, the merchants who tested Square’s new feature found that  it could be valuable to have that conversation with a customer about their experience, whether good or bad, instead of just reading about it later on Yelp or Urban Spoon.

Taking a Cue from the Big Guys Now that anyone with a Square reader can seek out customer feedback, it’s worth mentioning that feedback forms and surveys aren’t a new feature for flexReceipts customers.

Our merchants can easily add a brief survey or feedback form to their digital receipts. This encourages customers to share some quick thoughts on that day’s shopping experience or give kudos to a salesperson who helped them. They may let you know of a specific product they were hoping to find, but didn’t.

This kind of feedback can be invaluable to managers, who obviously can’t be everyone at once to pick up on problems in person. It can help you keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening at the store, and catch minor problems before they mushroom into something worse.

Continue the Dialogue Today, customer surveys are everywhere. Just asking for feedback doesn’t earn you any points with customers. Nor does it help your business if you’re not doing it right.

Keep in mind that your customers lead very busy lives. When they take the time to respond to your feedback or survey form, make sure you thank them for their help. Follow up with an automated thank-you email to let them know you’re listening to their ideas. Then – listen to their ideas! There’s no point asking for feedback if you’re not going to consider it. And sometimes customers can shake up your thinking with a fresh perspective of your business.

Gathering feedback through your flexReceipt digital receipt can be an effective way to continue a two-way conversation with your customers. And now that practically everyone’s doing it, it’s more important than ever to get it right.