Showrooming: Revisited

Showrooming is the act of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, but using a smart phone or tablet to check reviews and look for better prices, either online or from a competitor. It’s not a new trend, the term started showing up right about the same time that smart phones became a mandatory accessory. Showrooming costs retailers money. According to stats, it’s a $217 Billion Headache.

How do retailers reverse the trend?

In a 2012 article from Forbes, the reporter says it’s all about the data, understanding what your customer is looking for (price? Selection? Convenience?) and providing it.

So, can a digital receipt help eliminate showrooming?


Forbes says: Along with creating this omnichannel experience for customers, the company can also utilize technology in order to capture new data about its customers.

flexReceipts’ enriched receipts provide the data that Forbes says is imperative. Even more, flexReceipts provide insight. Our analytics introduce you to new customers, identify repeat purchasers, analyze shopping baskets and provide business acumen to allow retailers to incenti vise and encourage loyal customers.

Says Forbes: Overall, consistent data is a critical one for any business aiming toward successful competition and gaining market share.

Bye, bye showrooming.