Short and Useful: Keys to Connecting With Millennials

Millennials can have an enormous impact on your success. They make up roughly 25% of the U.S. population. And as they get older, their buying power is expanding. Millennials now account for a massive $1.3 trillion in consumer spending each year, according to digital ad agency Moosylvania. But building connections with them can be a real challenge. The majority of Millennials, especially college students, are connected to their mobile phones nonstop, from the moment they wake up until they close their eyes at night. This makes it hard to reach them with typical media advertising. So here are some tips for going beyond the sale with Millennial consumers.

Make It Useful According to a recent survey by QSRweb, the mantra for reaching Millennials and Millennial parents is “make it useful.” Retailers need to embrace technology and provide a useful experience before, during and after in-store purchases. But more than that, it’s important to make that technology part of a seamless customer experience. Digital receipts take usefulness to a new level, not only for simplifying  organization, but also for the ease of social sharing. Millennials want to keep in touch with their friends at all times, letting them know when they’ve made a purchase they’re excited about, or when they’ve had a great shopping experience.

Keep It Short and Shareable With their focus on mobile technology, Millennials often have short attention spans. Since they’re constantly swiping and scrolling through their mail, texts and social media feeds, you’ve got just seconds to catch their attention. They key is to give them content that’s short, shareable and fun. According to Matt Britton, CEO of Mr. Youth, New York, powerful visuals can make a big difference in helping your content stand out. With enriched digital receipts from FlexReceipts, you can embed customized product photos and videos to capture these customers’ attention, then give them social media links to instantly share what they’ve just bought. Your receipt becomes a useful tool to your Millennial customers. And that’s a great way to build a meaningful bond with them.