Retail Perspectives: 6 Articles You Might Have Missed

We know you’re busy, and it’s easy to miss great articles. Here are highlights of a few we’ve enjoyed recently. Take a look. They offer a wide range of perspectives on retail and digital receipts, and we think they’re worth your time. FierceRetail IT: “E-receipts Are Walmart's Newest Source of Shopper Data” Walmart’s new e-receipt program is designed to tie into its mobile app and is looking to build predictive shopping lists that allow customers to easily add items from previous receipts to their lists. The company expects digital receipts to produce “a fire hose of transactional data,” according to Gibu Thomas, senior VP of mobile and digital media.

Traf-Sys: Trend Report: “Why Personalized Retail Is the Future of Brick-And-Mortar Stores” This article predicts that retailers will continue their ever-growing move toward personalized experiences to help distinguish themselves from online competitors. The authors discuss four key reasons why personalization is gaining ground in retail, and why it’s key to brick-and-mortar’s survival.

The Motley Fool: “How Brick-and-Mortar Stores Are Becoming More Like Online Retailers” Have your stores embraced technology to fight growing competition from online shopping? The Motley Fool looks at ways leading retail stores are fighting back, such as experimenting with pricing intelligence tools and data analytics.

Retail Info Systems News: “GNC Expands Brand Experience with Digital Receipts” GNC’s recent selection of flexReceipts prompted this coverage, which focuses on how our HTML-based digital receipts enable the company to provide a more consistent and relevant experience across all its receipts. Read even more ways GNC plans to utilize flexReceipts to build its brand presence.

Kap Lifestyle: "Receipt Waste" Major League Baseball veteran Gabe Kapler writes about healthy living, nutrition and fitness. In this post, he takes on the wastefulness of paper receipts, citing powerful statistics about their environmental impact and his efforts to avoid them. He even recommends asking for electronic receipts. It’s interesting to watch the growing consumer sentiment that there must be a better way.

We hope these articles provide some helpful insights into the rapidly changing world of retail. If you enjoy them, be sure to send them to your colleagues.