Jimmy Kimmel... Down on Long Paper Receipts!

We live in a world where smart, eco-friendly business isn’t just applauded, but often considered the norm. When we hear about big-retailers covering their roofs with solar panels, or taxi companies swapping out their fleets with hybrid vehicles, it just makes sense. Which makes it all the more frustrating when continue on with practices that are not only wasteful, but almost completely unnecessary.

On his Jan. 6 show, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel brought up one such example that we at flexReceipts know all too well: ludicrously long paper receipts. In the segment, Jimmy presented a bulletin board with a collection of increasingly long receipts. The longest: a receipt from CVS for the purchase of a single Snickers bar. Jimmy ended the segment by asking viewers to send in photos of their own overly long receipts via Twitter.

The idea behind this issue isn’t all that bad. Retailers often print coupons on receipts as part of special offers or loyalty programs. This is a form of customer engagement, and it’s actually quite similar to what we do. The real problem lies in the execution. Paper receipts are notorious for being lost, thrown out, or just dropped into a box with hundreds of other receipts. This, combined with the fact that the coupons are often for products that the consumer has no interest in buying, means that retailers wind up with a lot of wasted paper and ink for very little return on investment.

FlexReceipts utilizes an array of analytics from every sale, meaning ads and offers on our e-receipts can be targeted to each customer’s individual tastes and shopping habits. Our user-friendly design means offers stand out much better than black ink on a skinny slip of paper. And of course, it’s all completely paperless.

So whether you’re a fed-up shopper, a business owner looking to modernize or a late night talk show host, join us in the continuing quest to rid the world of wasteful paper receipts and help bring retail into the future!