Jack Dorsey: The Receipt is a Blank Canvas

At the 2014 National Retail Federation Show, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and Chairman of Twitter, called the receipt a “blank canvas”. As receipts go more and more digital, Dorsey asked, “How can we make that and make it into something so that everyone receives value in it.”

He goes on to mention receipts that are cohesive and “bring people back.”

I think he might have been talking about flexReceipts!

I went backstage and met him briefly to share flexReceipt’s offering, how we can make a digital receipt reflect the brand personality of a retailer. I briefly mentioned how we can make a receipt valuable for the consumer again, elevating it from its current throw-away status to a keepsake item.

As Jack put it, we see big potential in the smallest of moments: the receipt.

Check out a snippet of his presentation below and let us know what you would do with this blank canvas.