Interactive Digital Receipts Go Omnichannel

The word omnichannel combines the Latin omni meaning “all or of all things” with channel, or “a means of communication”. It’s become the buzzword du jour in the retail industry, applying to a brand’s persona regardless of shopping venue. A true omnichannel merges online, in-store and mobile shopping into one seamless and consistent experience. Now, while retailers are certainly acting on the high-level impact of omnichannel marketing, there’s a simple step they can implement today that will help them get on the omnichannel train: digital receipts.

Think about how different a receipt looks like depending on the shopping venue: an in-store shopper gets a static paper receipt, an online shopper gets an e-mailed receipt with a few frills and a mobile shopper gets a trimmed-down version of the online receipt.

flexReceipts is the only partner that can offer retailers interactive digital receipts that provide the brand consistency that is the heart of the omnichannel trend.

And the consistency applies to the receipt experience across all venues, as well. Aside from brand persona and look, each receipt should have consistent functionality, from product recommendations and targeted offers to social media plug-ins and dynamic video.

And, retailers can take an omnichannel approach to their analytics, too, creating consumer profiles, regardless of shopping venue.

Typically, retailers use different sales systems depending on the channel, making it all but impossible to get a 360 degree view of how their consumers are engaging with their brand. But flexReceipt’s technology is venue-agnostic, aggregating info across all venues and offering a comprehensive view of how their customers’ engagement level.

In short: Digital receipts allow retailers to embrace omnichannel marketing and truly Go Beyond the Sale.