How Personalization Takes Digital Receipts from Good to Great

Looking around at an empty store can put a knot in your stomach. Getting people in the door is a growing challenge for retailers. It’s so much easier for customers to sit on their couch and order what they need online. I’m guilty of it myself.

Smart retailers know that the key to making that trip worthwhile is creating a flawless shopping experience that makes every customer feel unique and appreciated.

In Personalization, Details Matter It starts with the little things.

Like being greeted when you walk in the door. Getting waited on within minutes by smart, friendly salespeople who know the merchandise and can answer your questions. Even a good checkout experience can be memorable.

But it also comes down to money. Don’t you love it when you get a special offer on a product you buy all the time? Even if you don’t use the discount, you remember that you received it and were appreciated as a valued customer.

Putting Your Receipt to Work flexReceipts gives you the power to give your customers a consistently great experience throughout their entire in-store experience. While they’re shopping, your sales associates can retrieve their shopping history to find similar or complementary products. Once they reach checkout, the attendant can quickly locate their name and billing information, email, mobile number and loyalty card info without having to ask for it again.

Here’s where the experience goes from great to memorable: Each customer’s flexReceipt is personalized based on their current and past purchases, how often they shop with you, demographics and other data.

When your customers open their digital receipt they’ll experience an extension of their visit -- offers tailored to their interests, maybe a video about the brand, links to your social media sites, and the opportunity to pin or like their product on their own social media pages.

It’s like putting a beautiful bow on a great shopping experience gift – and one more way to extend the benefits of personalization and keep customers coming back for more.