Good to Great: Taking Camping World Receipts to the Next Level

Camping World - Current Receipt - Click on Image to view larger

Next Level Camping World Receipt - Click on Image to view larger

We've been posting a lot of best practices and tips lately for taking email receipts and other retail strategies to the next level, but a picture can be worth a thousand words.  Today we are starting a new series called Good to Great: Taking Email Receipts to the Next Level. To be clear, it's not our intention to pick on anybody.  In fact, that's why we call it Good to Great.  The retailers we'll look at are already doing a good job with email receipts.  But we want to demonstrate how, with a little imagination and a bit of technology, we can dazzle customers, provide useful tools, and enjoy a big ROI while doing it.

For today, we've selected Camping World.  Here is the current Camping World receipt that we recently received.

The current Camping World receipt is not bad, with useful navigation at the top, as well as marketing content down the right side and additional navigation below.  All of these things have the potential to engage users a bit but there is no personalization.

Now, I'll concede that a bag of pistachios is not much to work with.  For our example, we'll look at what a Camping World receipt could look like with the purchase of a new Vector Gas Tabletop Grill.

Here are just a few things we did to take the Camping World receipt to the next level:

  1. Consistent Branding and Navigation - We changed the navigation on both the header and the footer to match the look and feel of Data shows that the more consistent an online experience stays when clicking from one property to the next, the higher the customer conversion will be. Clicking from this receipt to the Camping World website will be seamless and not risk the user suddenly feeling lost.

  2. Dynamic Header Banner - The header demonstrates space for a dynamic banner, in this case promoting a Free Shipping offer and the Good Sam Credit Card. A different banner could be shown to customers who already used a Good Sam Credit Card. You could also promote a loyalty program to users who are not a member, or a seasonal sale offer.

  3. Valuable Line Item Links - The Grill this user purchased requires safety precautions and also offers an extended warranty, so we have added useful links near the Gas Grill line item to locate the user's manual and learn more about the extended service plan. These things, especially the user manual, are the type of things that can really dazzle a customer.

  4. Social Sharing Buttons - Gas Grills and RV's are the type of purchase you would brag to your friends about. We might as well make it easy to do. You may get the occasional sale from someone trying to keep up with the Joneses.

  5. Extended Warranty Marketing - A text link next to the line item might be easy to gloss over, and we really want our users to have that extended service plan, so there is a larger, more visual content block marketing that below.

  6. Suggestive Selling - Good retaileres are already doing "Frequently Purchased With" and "Users Like You Also Bought" in their ecommerce emails. Why not for in-store email receipts? Suggesting online items to complement an in-store purchase is the very definition of a strong omni-channel approach and is relatively simple to implement.

  7. More Ways to Connect - And, of course, we included social media buttons and mobile app marketing collateral in the footer, just as there is on

This is just one example of things that could improve the Camping World customer experience.  Other ideas might be embedding an instructional product video, linking to barbecue recipes, or the best locations near me to barbecue in nature.  Our client Pro Fireworks recently had a 49% click through rate on their receipt content, which offered, among other things, firework safety tips.

The possibilities truly are endless.  What are your ideas for a Camping World receipt?  Leave a comment below!